1793 - 1835




Born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland to Alexander Collie Sr. and his wife Christina, (Nee Leslie), Alexander attended Edinburgh University and studied medicine.


Collie joined the Royal Navy (serving aboard H.M.S. Blossom from 1825 to 1828) after failing to get a post with the East India Company and he was well travelled before coming to Australia. He had visited Mexico, California, the Sandwich Islands, Tenerife, China, Kamchatka, Formosa and the East Indies among others.


Collie was appointed surgeon aboard the HMS Sulphur that sailed with the Parmelia to the Swan River Colony.


On his arrival Dr. Collie joined Lt. Preston on a journey from Cockburn Sound to Geographe Bay in November 1829.


Later Collie took up a post in Albany and during the time he was there (1831-32) made a further two exploratory trips. After 18 months he returned to Perth where he had a house built on St. Georges Tce. He was appointed Colonial Surgeon for the Swan River Colony and served in that capacity from 1833 to 1835.


Dr. Collie suffered from T.B. and as his condition worsened he boarded a ship heading for Sydney where he hoped to be treated for the condition. He was too ill to complete the journey and came ashore at Albany where he died in 1835.


His last wish was to be buried next to his friend Mokare, an Aboriginal guide who he had met and became firm friends with when he was in the town in 1831.



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