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Andrew Clarke



Andrew Jr. was the eldest son of protestant Irishman, Dr. Andrew Clarke and Louisa Downing (nee Johnston). He was born in Donegal Ireland.


At the age of 18 (one source says 13 but this was the age at which he joined the army as an ensign), Andrew Clarke Jr. was in charge of all the troops stationed in Tasmania (Van Diemen's Land) and serving with the 46th Regiment of Foot he reached the rank of Lt. Colonel.


In 1823 he married widow Frances Jackson (nee Lardiner) with whom he had 4 sons.


He served in New South Wales, India, Europe, Gibraltar and the West Indies where he became Governor of St. Lucia in 1843.


Lt. Col. Andrew Clarke became Governor of Western Australia in 1846 but he had very little chance to make an impact. He became seriously ill and George Fletcher Moore took over administration of the colony while Clarke was incapacitated.


He died in office the following year.


Not surprisingly he is little remarked on in Western Australian historic literature.




1793 - Born in Donegal, Ireland.

1806 - Ensign in the 8th West India Regiment.

1808 - Transferred to the 46th Foot as Lieutenant.

1811 - Temporary command of the troops in Van Diemen's Land.

1813 - Promoted to Captain. Went with his regiment to New South Wales.

1818 - Served in India.

1823 - Married widow, Frances Lardner in England.

1824 - First son born.

1824 - Purchased a Majority.

1833 - Returned to Europe.

1837 - Created a knight of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order.

1838 - Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel.

1839 - Purchased the Lieutenant-Colonelcy of his regiment.

1842 - Went with his regiment to the West Indies.

1842 - 1844 - Appointed Lieutenant-Governor of St. Lucia.

1845 - Transferred to 41st Foot.

1845 - Appointed Governor of Western Australia.

1846 - Arrived in Western Australia on 26 January.

1847 - Died on 11 February 1847.




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