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Grimwade was formerly known as East Kirup.

East Kirup was the site of a township built in 1910 around a very large hardwood sawmill owned by Millars Karri and Jarrah Company Ltd. The mill operated from 1910 to 1928 with a break during WW1

The Forests Department took over the East Kirup Mill and the area was renamed Grimwade around 1949.

Grimwade Mill was taken over for pine timber production.

The Forestry Departmentís expanded pine planting programs were blamed by some people for the decline of agriculture in the area and for the decline of activity in the township of Balingup.

A novel fire tower was constructed at East Kirup in 1935

In 1946 Maureen McCune was the only girl "towerman" employed by the Forests Department in Western Australia. She was the fire watcher at the East Kirup tower.

The East Kirup to Grimwade name change was made to recognise the services to forestry of Sir Russell Grimwade.

Records indicate that some houses from Grimwade were relocated to Kirup around 1990.

Today there is little evidence that the timber mill ever existed.

There are some bitumised roads, some concrete foundations, paths and a few other assorted relics as well as open spaces where the buildings once existed.

Sadly there is almost no historic information available online and the only pictures we have managed to find are that of the East Kirup fire tower.

It is possible to camp in the area once occupied by the mill but camping is prohibited when timber harvesting is being carried out.

Signs at the site will indicate when this is in progress.

There are no facilities for campers at Grimwade so campers must be fully self-sufficient.

Wikicamps shows two campsites. One is a large open area suitable for caravans and other bigger rigs.

There is another smaller area located next to a dam a little further along the road.

Is is VERY important that water in the dam is not contaminated by soap and detergent. Please do not use these within 50 metres of the dam as it causes nutrient levels to increase and algal blooms to form in the water.

At present there is a large healthy population of frogs in the dam and they could easily be wiped out by irresponsible contamination of the dam water.

Apart from the two main camping spots there are other hidden sites where the mill houses used to stand.

It is worth exploring the area to locate campsites away from the more crowded main camps.

Although dogs are allowed in the area, 1080 poison baits are used here so it is unwise to bring pets with you.





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Located in the shire of Donnybrook


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