HEMA map reference 78/H1

Quobba Point

24 28' 59" S 113 24' 37" E


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Red Bluff 08 9948 5001

Quobba Station  Visit website   08 9948 5098

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This is the northern-most part of Shark Bay and is located 863 kilometres north of Perth. The area has been nominated as a fish habitat protection area.


The rugged coastline north of Quobba Point has produced a spectacular set of blowholes where the action of the waves produce a water spout some 30 metres or more high.


Fishing at the Blowholes

Great care must be taken when fishing here.

Just south of the blowholes is a sheltered beach and areas all along the bay where camping is permitted. Fees are now charged and a caretaker is usually on site during peak season. Some tourist guides suggest that the sandy bay might make for good swimming, but DON'T! There are very large sharks in the area and they swim along right next to the beach. Don't be tempted to wade across to the point either as up to 100 reef sharks have been seen in a feeding frenzy in the marine sanctuary just behind the point.

Keep an eye out for whales migrating along the coast, as they come in very close to shore near the blowholes.

Quobba is one of the best campsites along the coast and despite the lack of fresh water or electricity, many people spend several weeks here each winter. The shacks along the coast are similar to those that used to be at
Jurien and give the area a frontier feel.


There are other campsites further north along the coast road (unsealed) at Quobba Station and other pastoral properties but all are quite expensive in comparison.



Blowholes near Point Quobba



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