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See Busselton.




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Minninup homestead 1848.


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January: InZone holiday activities. February: Camp Draft. April: Capelfest. Second and fourth Sunday monthly: Lions markets


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Early exploration of the area was undertaken by Lt. Bunbury who travelled along the Capel River in 1836. The original name was Coolingup and the first settler in the area was a Mr. Child who arrived in 1843. He constructed Minninup Homestead which is made from locally quarried limestone.

The name may originate from Capel Carter Bussell (
John Bussell's eldest daughter), but some sources say that Capel Carter (a very close cousin) who the Bussels wrote to frequently was the origin of the name. It seems most likely that John's daughter was named in honour of Capel Carter (who died of consumption) and so the credit for the towns name should really go to her in any case.


The name chosen for the site was originally Coolingup (1844) but when the site finally started to develop the official name chosen was Capel and this was gazetted in 1899.

Mineral sand mining started in the area in 1956.

Tall tales & true: Horse whipped!

Road board elections for the Wellington district in 1873 were the catalyst for an ongoing feud to boil over.

Dr. Lovegrove and Mr. Carey were standing against one another and at one point they clashed in the street. Lovegrove attacked Carey with a horse whip and as a result people voted Carey on to the board. Lovegrove was charged and brought before a Perth magistrate who gave him a mere hour in gaol and a 25 pound fine.

Eye Eye Sir!

A local character in the area was one Denny Connell who was thought to be a bit eccentric.

On one occasion he was blowing out stumps with gelignite and lost an eye. Without mentioning it to anyone he walked to
Bunbury for medical care.

Later after visiting a doctor and being told to take a dose of medicine in water, he waded into the Capel River to take each dose.

On yet another occasion he was travelling to Perth by train and lost his much loved hat out the window. Unperturbed he marked a cross in the dust on the glass proclaiming that he would now know where to find it on the return journey.





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