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29° 41' 27" S 115° 53' 07" E






Km from Perth





388mm (152)

Max Temp

26.6C (48.1)

Min Temp

12.3C (-0.4)






Caravan Park


Caravan Park

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Visitor Info

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Yarra Yarra Lake, MacPherson's Homestead, Museum (Open Open Fridays 1.30pm – 5.)


Buildings of note


MacPherson homestead 1870s, Uniting church 1926, St. Andrews Church 1930.


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Calendar Of Events


March: Wimbledon on the Wheatbelt. September: Agricultural show.







Day use area


Shop opposite the travellers rest area



This is another inland wheat and sheep town.  Duncan Macpherson and George Slater took up leases in the area in 1861. James Nairn appears to have been the first settler in the area in 1866. (One source quotes the 1888 as the settlement date but appears to be wrong.) Duncan Macpherson and his family moved into the area in 1868 and named their property "Carnamah". It is possible that this is a Gaelic word meaning 'cairn of the cattle.' Another suggested possibility are the Aboriginal words karna meaning fat and mah meaning more.

In 1874 a telegraph station was established at the Macphearson homestead.

In 1894 the railway reached the town and the town site was gazetted in 1913 but settlement in the area was slow in coming. The post war settlement schemes saw some growth after both world wars.

The nearby Yarra Yarra Lakes were once fed by a large river but with climatic changes the river dwindled and now infrequent rains are all that keep the lakes from drying out for good. The lakes cover and area of about 120 square kilometres.


Carnamah is part of the Monsignor John Hawes Heritage trail that includes the towns of: Perenjori, Morawa, Mullewa, Geraldton, Northampton, Yalgoo, Carnamah, Nanson and Bluff Point.


The Shire of Carnamah extends to the coast and access is possible at Coolimba, Gum Tree Bay and Illawong. The coast is popular with fishermen and bird watchers. Over 180 bird species have been identified including 17 seabird species that breed on the offshore islands.


Historic MacPherson's Homestead is located just east of town and dates from 1869. It took 5 years to complete the homestead which the family used until 1939. Restoration of the house began in 1979 and it was entered on the register of the National Trust in 1993. Restoration took a long time to complete but it finally opened to the public in 2004.

The original homestead was used as a post and telegraph office and members of the family were appointed to undertake the work. In 1913 the functions were transferred to the railway station and later to a tin shed. It was not until 1932 that the current post office building was erected.


Lakes Lookout, just a kilometre from town, gives a view over Yarra Yarra lakes. These lakes are the western end of a salt lake system stretching east towards Yalgoo. A long time ago this was part of a large inland river system but changes in sea levels and rainfall mean the lakes now only fill after good winter rains. The main lake is 25 kilometres long and 9 kilometres wide.


There is an excellent day use area for travellers in town that has a large parking and turning area, a good shelter, BBQ, water and tables plus a toilet.






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