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Welcome to the only newsletter (so far) for 2019


Tamala Station

The Big One

Finally after 8 months of planning and hard work we got away on the much anticipated 'bucket list' trip to Tamala Station at Shark Bay.

All the details of the trip can be found in our trip blogs section or you can see the videos we made while we were there on our YouTube channel.

Cohunu Koala Park

A Quiet Year

The Tamala trip cost so much to organise and took so long to prepare for, that we have done little else so far in 2019, which accounts for the lack of newsletters until now.

One attraction we did manage to get out and see was the Cohunu Koala Park at Byford.

We made a video about the park but at the time of writing this newsletter, it hasn't yet been posted to our YouTube channel. Both the video and a page about the park will be available here in coming weeks.

We noted some rather harsh reviews about Cohunu on the Internet but we enjoyed our visit and didn't think the criticism was warranted.

Perhaps there has been a lot of work done since the online reviews were written.

YouTube Channel


Speaking of our YouTube channel we have a number of videos scheduled for release over the coming weeks and these include:

Around the campsite - Part 1/2 - August 10th
Kwinana Beach to Palm Beach - August 14th
Around The Campsite - Part 2/2 - August 17th
The Folklore of Western Australia Part 3 - August 21st
Rechargeable Gear for Camping - August 24th
The Folklore of Western Australia Part 4 - August 28th
Ranger Camper Trailer in detail - August 31st
Tools We Carry On The Road - September 7th
Camping Lights - What we like - September 14th
4x4 Recovery Gear - What We Use - September 21st
Tamala Station - Previously unseen footage - September 28th
Knobby Head 72 hour rest area - October 5th
Cohunu Koala Park - October 12th
Birds of Western Australia - Part 5 - October 19th
Geraldton - Western Australia - October 26th
Cervantes - Western Australia - November 2nd
Saving Money At Op-Shops Part 1 - October 9th

If you see something you don't want to miss why not subscribe now, click the bell and you will be notified when each video is available.

West Australian Folklore

W.A. Folklore

We have been collecting Western Australian folklore for a long time now and we are trying to raise the profile of the topic in order to find more stories.

The stories we have collected are available on one of our Facebook pages or you can purchase a PDF copy to keep on your computer or smart device.

A new Folklore page has now been added to our main website and we are working on a video series for our YouTube channel and this will become an ongoing project.

If you know any great folklore stories about Western Australia, why not send us the details so we can share it with everyone? Just click the EMAIL US button at the top of any of our website's main pages.

Coming up

Coming Up

We are only a matter of weeks away from wildflower season for 2019 and we do plan to do a trip in September so keep an eye out for that.


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Hopefully you will stick with us as we continue to explore Western Australia together via our main website or on our Facebook pages and YouTube Channel.