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Welcome to our first newsletter since 2019!


Margaret Rive

It's been a LONG time!

Well we have finally managed to get round to getting out a new newsletter and it has certainly been a very long time since our last one. The world has changed and will probably never be quite the same again but we have been plodding away working on our main website and still travelling the state and making videos and researching new information.

A couple of our trips were abysmal failures for various reasons and we didn't bother to document them but the trips that have gone well are detailed on our trip blog starting with a major trip to Margaret River at the end of 2019.

The Folklore of Western Australia

New Websites

We launched two new but related websites this year and our entire collection of W.A. folklore is now online for you to enjoy.

We still have the Facebook Folklore page where you can contribute new stories but all the new work will be done on the new website. You can find it at: Western Australian Folklore.

I have also finally completed an overhaul of my Bush Ballads and Bulldust website that has some of the bush ballads I have written over the years.

YouTube Channel


Our YouTube channel continues to grow and there are now over 750 videos for you to either be entertained or bored by. Simply click on the YouTube logo above to see what we have been creating.

It can be a bit difficult and frustrating to find our content via the channel itself so we have now created a video index page that sorts videos by subject to make it so much easier to find what you are looking for.

You can find the sorted list of videos at our Video Index Page.

If you like what we are doing on the YouTube channel then PLEASE click the like buttons on the videos you watch and consider subscribing to the channel.

That really helps the channel to grow as YouTube only really takes notice of channels that get a lot of likes and subs.

Recent trips to the wheatbelt and what we are calling our Lakes and Rivers trip have provided us with lots of footage and photos and we have enough to keep the channel going with one video a week well in to 2023.

We did have one glitch when a hard drive failed on our last trip but Seagate are coming to the rescue yet again and will be attempting to recover the footage for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP SEAGATE!

Our next trip

Coming Up

There are a couple of trips planned before Christmas with a very short three night stay at Bolinda Vale farm being the first.

We have been there before and loved it so are taking the 4x4 and the camping trailer out and just veg out for three nights.

Of course some camera gear will be going along as I won't be able to resist doing some filming while we are there.

Later in December we hope to be taking a week to shoot down to Margaret River, There is just something about that area that pulls us back time after time.

Just before the main holiday season begins is usually fairly quiet down there and the weather is really starting to 'turn it on' so we are really looking forward to that.

Coming up

Website Work

We are continuing to add new pages to our main website with Wialki and Burakin being the most recent to be included.

There is also an on-going project to add a little navigation box to every town page.

This will allow you to click on links to nearby towns and will hopefully help you in planning trips as you can follow a route via the website and see what is around and worth while checking out before you go.


We hope you enjoyed this newsletter and found some of the contents interesting. If you no longer want to receive newsletters from us you simply click the 'unsubscribe' link in the original email you received.

Hopefully you will stick with us as we continue to explore Western Australia together via our main website or on our Facebook pages and YouTube Channel.