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Due to the limitations on name sizes on this page the full names of each flower may not be displayed under thumbnail images. To view the full name of any flower click on a thumbnail to load the full sized image and then hover the cursor over that image.


Our sincere thanks to a wonderful volunteer who is helping us to identify many of these flowers. Also thanks to australiasomuchtosee.com for pics and information.







We have been photographing the wildflowers of Western Australia for some years now and although finding and photographing the flowers is interesting and relatively simple, identifying them is another matter altogether.


So far we have been unable to find a good photograph based guide to our wildflowers so we hope that in time these pages will start to fill the void that currently exists.


When you click on one of the thumbnail images above a full size image will pop up. We have left these images as large as possible to assist with proper identification. This means the image may be larger than can be displayed within the limits of the screen and you may have to use the scroll bars to move around the image to view it and to close it to return here. (You can also close an enlarged image by just clicking on it.)


A highly technical flora identification database exists on the internet but it is primarily aimed at qualified botanists. You can find it at: http://florabase.dec.wa.gov.au/


Australian Wildflowers (c) Rosabelle Glasby


Weeds and Wildflowers


Although pure wildflower guides will include only Western Australian native flowers, the fact is that you will find many non-native species in the bush where they have become naturalised. These introduced species are surviving quite happily in the bush and are now a permanent part of the landscape. Where we are sure a species is introduced we will include it in a separate weeds photo gallery.




We are not botanists, we are not even reasonably well versed in the identification of plants, so we expect that initially many of the plants we have displayed here may be incorrectly identified. If you see something here that needs correction please let us know. We also have many photos of flowers we have not yet identified. If you can help identify any of these for us we would greatly appreciate it.




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