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Barrabup Pool and Workmans Pool are located in Saint John's Brook Conservation Park near the south west town of Nannup and can be accessed via Mowen Road.

In 1909 a timber mill was established at Barrabup. The mill was built by W.A. Jarrah Saw Mills Co. and began operating around mid 1909.

In 1913 the ownership changed to the Kauri Timber Co. that continued to operate it until 1925. Most of the mill buildings were then dismantled and moved to Nannup town.

When operational the mill employed between 80 and 150 men and there was a good sized settlement established. Buildings included a hall, billiard saloon and post office.

The only remains of the mill today is part of what was once a strongroom measuring 3m x 2.5m x 2.5m made of concrete and reinforced steel. It is hidden in bush regrowth about 6m off the road side and is not readily visible.

Near the day use are of Barrabup Pool is a campsite located higher up on the hillside. We are hard pressed to find a reason for a campsite to be located in such a bad position because the sites are tiny and there is no easy access to the pool.

A much better campsite is further back on the road at Workmans Pool. This pool was so named because in the days of the mill, workers were not allowed to swim at Barrabup Pool and had to make use of this pool away from the mill buildings. Barrabup Pool was also referred to as Manager's Pool so you can guess who got to swim there close to the mill buildings.

The day use area at Barrabup Pool is very pleasant with a large shelter, seats, tables and a large timber landing with steps down to the water.

Bushwalking and cycling the 22 kilometre Timberline trail are popular activities as is bird watching. 38 different species of bird are known to inhabit the forest around the lake.

Pets are not allowed in the conservation park.



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