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Introducing Wanowandthen - a nonprofit educational platform dedicated to showcasing the beauty and wonder of Western Australia.

Wanowandthen is a labor of love, nurtured solely by yours truly. Each year, I commit a significant portion of my own resources to ensure this website and its affiliated channels continue to thrive, constantly evolving with new information, captivating photos, and engaging videos.

To sustain this passionate project, I rely on the generosity of individuals like you. There are myriad ways you can contribute to support our website and the accompanying YouTube channel.

If you have a few spare dollars, I have made it effortless to show your support with a simple click on the 'DONATE' button at the top of every page. The donation process is securely handled through PayPal, ensuring almost the entirety of your contribution goes directly to support this site.

Another option is to join my PATREON community, where I offer exclusive perks such as bonus videos, early access to select content, and a wealth of behind-the-scenes insights, including access to our journey blogs as we explore Western Australia and free books.

For an even more immersive experience, consider becoming a CHANNEL MEMBER on our YouTube channel. This grants you access to additional videos, special badges, and custom emoticons crafted just for my cherished supporters. The JOIN button on our YouTube channel page is your gateway to these fantastic extras.

Even if you're unable to contribute financially, there are still numerous ways to bolster my website and video channel.

Subscribing to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL channel not only keeps you updated but also boosts our profile to reach more people.

Express your appreciation by liking and leaving comments on my videos, signaling to others that they're well worth watching.

Lastly, introduce your friends and family to my website and video channel, helping the community grow.

Your support, in any form, is deeply appreciated. It's a profound testament to the hard work and dedication poured into this project. Together, we can continue to shine a spotlight on the wonders of Western Australia. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey!




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