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Beringbooding Rock is located 65km north east of the town of Mukinbudin and is the site of the largest concrete rock catchment tank in Australia.

The tank and catchment walls were constructed in 1937 when 200 men were transported from Perth during the Great Depression. The men were sent out on sustenance wages as this was one way the government tried to provide some employment during a period of severe hardship for most worker.

A house was built for the supervising staff and on the other side of the rock was just a row of tents for the workers. Back in those days there was no socialising between workers and the bosses.

The work took 2 years to complete and the huge tank can hold 10.2 million litres of water when it is full. The bill for construction came in at ten thousand pounds.

The catchment on the rock continues to feed water into the huge concrete tank via an aqueduct.

There are also a couple of stone lined wells near the rock that were constructed by early settlers in the 1890s.

There is a campsite next to the rock with facilities that include a toilet, picnic tables, BBQs and an information board.

Access to the rock is via unsealed roads but they are 2wd accessible and usually very well maintained.

There is a 2.3 kilometre walk trail around the rock which requires a moderate level of fitness to complete.

The rock is best visited during late winter and early spring when the wildflowers a blooming.

Flowering plants found near the rock include Pink Ti-tree, Heartshaped Leaf Eucalyptus Melaleuca, Acacia, Grevillea, hakea, Calothamnus, Eromophilia, Cassia, Quandongs, Sandalwood native Orchids, Kunzia Pulchella and One-sided Bottlebrush.




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