Caversham Wildlife Park

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Caversham Wildlife Park is located in Whiteman Park via the Lord Street or Beechboro Road entrances.


The park is open from 9am until 5:30pm daily (except Christmas Day).


As the park is located on a reasonably flat site and there are excellent paths leading to the exhibits, it is suitable for wheelchair access and there are toilets that cater for disabled people.


There are a number of different shows held throughout the park during the day and all are included in the admission price.


Visit the park's website for up-to-date admission fees.


Some exhibits are walk-through and contact with many of the animals is encouraged.


Some animals can be fed by hand but only with the food specially provided by the park, as feeding animals with food that humans eat can be very harmful.


The park is fairly large but there are seats in many locations so you can take a break and relax. As much of the park contains lush gardens, many areas are well shaded so you can stroll around in comfort on all but the very hottest days.


There are several large covered and un-covered seating areas where you can enjoy snacks, drinks and ice creams from the shop. There is also a souvenir shop where a memento of your visit can be purchased.

Toilets are thoughtfully located in various positions around the park so you do not need to back-track or walk too far when nature calls.


Although the park is family owned and operated, it has been professionally developed and facilities both for visitors and the animals are excellent. The park gets no government funding and depends on visitors for its continued operation.


At the time of our visit, there were around 200 different species of animals in the park made up from about 2000 individual animals. The park has the look and feel of a far larger operation and in our opinion is one of the very best privately operated wildlife parks in Australia.


The staff are made up of trained keepers and dedicated volunteers. All are helpful, friendly and a font of knowledge about the park and the animals.


Some of the activities in the park include:


Meet the koalas from 10am-1pm and 2:30pm-4:30pm. You can enter the enclosure and with the guidance of a member of the staff, get close to a koala, gently stroke it and take pictures. The koalas, that usually sleep for around 19 hours a day, may occasionally open an eye to see what is going on but most of the time seem to doze on, unaffected by their adoring public.


The Kangaroos and wallabies are in a walk-though enclosure where you can hand feed them with food provided free by the park. This area is open to the public during normal operating times (9am-5:30pm).


There is also a farm show down at Molly's Farm. Here you can see many normal farm activities like milking a cow, shearing a sheep, whip cracking and more. There are three farm shows daily at 10am, 1pm and 3pm.


During weekends, public holidays and school holidays, special talks are given about different animals. At 11:30am gather to learn about the dingo and at 2:30pm attend a talk about wedge tailed eagles.


Another interesting activity is meeting the wombat and his friends at the new dome facility. Here you can see different birds, including birds of prey, up close. You can hold a snake, touch lizards, meet a possum and best of all have your picture taken with one of the park's wombats.


Caversham Wildlife Park is far more than just a tourist attraction. Many parks and zoos are involved in captive breeding programs and C.W.P. is no exception. Animals are regularly exchanged with other parks and zoos to assist in maintaining genetic diversity in captive populations. C.W.P. has successfully bred grass owls, cassowaries, kangaroos and koalas which is a major achievement for a private park.


Along side the trained professional paid staff at the park are a small army of volunteers who do all they can to make your visit memorable. If you live in Perth and would like to get involved as a volunteer then contact the park via their website.


When you visit the park you should set aside a minimum of 3 hours to see everything. However, if you want to take it easy and not rush it, then it would be easy to spend the whole day here.


We have visited wildlife parks and zoos around Australia and we would rate it among the best. The reviews we conduct are independent and we do not get paid to say nice things; so you can be sure that when we recommend an attraction, it really is worth going to see.


During the 4 hours we spent filming and photographing in the park we did not find anything to complain about. The park is a real credit to everyone involved.





Caversham Wildlife Park'


Caversham Wildlife Park


Caversham Wildlife Park


Caversham Wildlife Park








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