Cinderella State - Western Australia







Western Australia was once commonly referred to as the 'Cinderella state'. This was mostly due to the lack of attention and finance supplied from the eastern states that still seem to think that Australia ends on the eastern side of the W.A. state border.


The discontent with rule from the eastern states even led to a vote for Secession but in the end nothing came of it despite the majority of people in W.A. voting in favour of withdrawing from the federation.


Far from being the 'Cinderella state', today, Western Australia is the powerhouse of the nation supplying the world from our vast mineral resources and feeding a good proportion of it from our extensive farm lands.


People now migrate to W.A. from the east in the hope of sharing in the abundant riches. Sadly this has led to housing prices sky rocketing and our most attractive areas becoming over crowded. In 2015 Perth's population exceeded 2 million people.


Somewhat oddly, all Australia states have, at one time or another, tried to lay claim to the 'Cinderella State' title.




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