Don Shepherd Walk Trail

GPS 32 22 27 S, 115 49 28 E




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The Don Shepherd Walk Trail is located on the corner of Karnup and Baldivis roads in Karnup.

On the south side of Karnup Road is a parking area with picnic tables, shelters and BBQ and the walk trail is just over on the north side of Karnup Road.

The trail runs between Karnup Road and Lugg Road with a side trail leading to Tinson Road.

The walk is pleasant during most of the year but it is really spectacular in spring when the wildflowers are blooming.

The walk trail has been formed from crushed limestone and is an easy walk. There are two seats along the trail with one past the side trail turn off and the other at the Lugg Road end.

The reserve sits where the old Karnup townsite was situated in the 1920s but there is no sign left that the town ever existed.

As you enter the walk you will see a boot brushing station, this is to help control dieback disease and you are requested to use the station to clean your footwear as you enter the reserve.

There are usually a good selection of wildflowers in bloom during spring and some that we have seen here include:

Jug Orchids, Dancing Spider Orchids, Cowslip Orchids, Donkey Orchids, Enammel Orchids, Pink Fairy Orchids, Running Postman, Grey Scaevola, Native Violets, Prickly Moses, Native Wisteria, Hibbertia, Slender Snail Orchids, Dark Banded Greenhood Orchids, Pepper and Salt, Blue Squills, small white daisies and Milkmaids, Conostylis, Purple Tassel, Red and Green Kangaroo Paw, Gompholobium, Menzies Banksia, Common Brown Pea, Marcarthuria, Star of Bethlehem and Sundew.

There are also a number of bird species here including Magpie, Western Ringneck, Brown Honeyeater, Carnaby's Black Cockatoo, Kookaburra, Western Corella, Pallid Cuckoo, Regent Parrot, Rufous Whistler, Striated Pardalote and Pallid Cuckoo.

The walk is also known for the presence of peacock spiders.



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