HEMA map reference 76/H3


Drovers Cave and Stockyard Gully


GPS DROVER'S CAVE 30 15 39.70 S 115 05 33.50 E

GPS STOCKYARD GULLY 29 56 23.06 S 115 05 58.65 E





Drovers cave
Pets prohibited Site may flood or be inaccessible during rain 4 wheel drive access only Day use site only - no camping

Stockyard Gully
Toilets available Tables and / or seats and / or shelters provided Pets prohibited Sight seeing area Walk trails Site may flood or be inaccessible during rain 4 wheel drive access only Day use site only - no camping




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Drover's Cave


Located 255km north of Perth, 5km north east of Jurien.


Several caves dot this small national park which is otherwise unremarkable. Access to most of the caves is by 4wd only. The nearby coastline offers good fishing and swimming.


Some of the caves are inhabited by bees and large hives hang over the entrances. Precautions should be taken when approaching or leaving these caves.


There are reports that Drover's Cave has been closed to public access but we are yet to confirm this.



Stockyard Gully


280km north of Perth, east of Leeman.


This park is located near Drover's Cave Park, and is also known for the limestone caves within it's borders. The main attraction is a series of three caves linked by a stream bed. They are easily accessible but a torch is necessary as the longest is some 250 metres.


No camping is allowed within the park and access is 4wd only.


Why these caves receive so little attention is hard to understand. The change from low scrubby bush to this oasis in the gully created by a seasonal stream is remarkable.


The best way to access this cave system is from the Green Head road. Travel east towards Highway One and look out for Stockyard Gully Road. This is a good formed gravel road for the first 9 kilometres. After this it quickly degenerates into a bush track. It is advisable to use a 4 wheel drive to drive along this track as high clearance is required. We managed to get to Stockyard Gully without engaging 4x4 but it may also depend on the time of year and how wet the track gets.


There are two picnic areas near the gully. The first leads you down to the longest section of cave and it is here that you will need a torch. The far end of the tunnel is effectively blocked but it MAY be possible to climb over the fallen sections of rock.


There are toilets available near the picnic areas.


NOTE: The gully is DANGEROUS if rain is likely. Do NOT attempt to walk the gully if it has recently rained or is likely to rain. There is also the risk of rock falls here so be careful.




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