Galena Bridge - Western Australia


GPS 27 49 40 S 114 41 22 E





Toilets available Wheel chair access provided Tables and / or seats and / or shelters provided Fire places or BBQs available Caravan access possible Big rig access possible Pets allowed on leash Walk trails Authorised parking facilities Black water dump point available




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Galena Bridge is located where the North West Coastal Highway crosses the Murchison River.

There is a large rest area here and facilities include toilets, seats, tables, fire rings, bins and pets are allowed on a leash.

It is listed as a 24 hour rest area and during peak times it can be very busy. The river often contains water, in fact we have never seen it completely dry.

There are rest areas on both the north east and south east sides of the bridge with the southern one being the larger of the two.

If you want to do a bit of exploring while you are here there are some old ruins located on Warribanno Chimney Road (GPS 27 50 24 S 114 41 33 E) where you will find the remains of old buildings from the Geraldine Lead Mine. Follow the unsealed road to 27 52 49 S 114 37 47 E and you will see a large chimney on top of a hill. Follow the track to the south east that leads to the ruins.

You can also explore along the river from 27 49 50 S 114 41 16 E and follow the small tracks west and north until you find the river. There are a few tracks here and some more old ruins if you look carefully enough.

If you have a 4x4 and want to keep away from the crowds at the main rest area, there are more secluded spots along the west side of the bridge but the tracks can be a bit narrow and rough.

Due to the popularity of the rest areas here, Galena can be a very noisy place to stop and you may be better off heading further north to less popular rest areas.



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