HEMA Map Reference 80/G5 - 81/E13

(C) Geri Dobson

17 20' 51" S 123 40' 28" E to 15 50' 18" S 128 18' 14" E


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The Gibb River Road is an alternate route from Wyndham to Derby 817km long and 4 wheel drive country. The road may become impassable in the wet season. A new sealed section now extends from the Derby turn off to the Kimberley Diamond mine and there are some bitumised sections on range crossings. Most of the water crossings have now been concreted.

The road passes through private property. DO NOT light open fires, discharge fire arms, camp in undesignated areas, leave rubbish, or attempt to drive the road without proper provisions and equipment. Always be aware that livestock and wildlife have no road sense. Expect them to be crossing the road t any time and keep your eyes open.


The best time to travel this route is from May to August. The road is not regarded as being suitable for 2 wheel drive vehicles but they can usually get as far as El Questro Station (coming from the east end) or as far as Windjana Gorge (coming from the west end of the road.


Watch out for these on all unsealed roads - pull off to the side to stay safe.

(C) Geri Dobson


Books available online

   4WD Survival Guide Australia (Australia Maps) Outback Survival Australia Road & 4WD Atlas: HEMA.A.040SP  


Caravans are not recommended on this road but some people do take them.


You should carry at least two spare tyres on this road and also a puncture repair kit.


Driving from west to east the route can be split into various sections:


Mt. Barnett Station (C) Geri Dobson


Derby to Mt. Barnett Roadhouse. 301 Km. 16 39' 29" S 125 57' 09" E


Fuel can be obtained at Mt. Barnett Roadhouse (08) 9191 7007. Mt Hart Lodge (08) 9191 4645 offers accommodation but is 50Km off the main road.


Imitji Community (C) Geri Dobson


Manning Gorge (C) Geri Dobson


Places of interest on this section of road are:


Lennard River, Fitzroy Crossing diversion road to Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek, Napier Range, Queen Victoria's Head, King Leopold Ranges, Barker River diversion, Mt Matthew, Yellow-man and Talbot Gorges. Lennard River trail and Lennard Gorge, Bell Creek Gorge, Old Silent Grove Homestead site, Aboriginal community of Imintji (08) 9191 7471 (diesel fuel only), Mt House Homestead (abandoned), Mornington Station (08) 9191 7406, Fitzroy River and gorges, Beverley Springs (08) 9191 4646, Walcott Inlet, Phillips Range, Adcock Gorge, Adcock River, Galvans Gorge, Manning Gorge.


NOTE: Imintji Roadhouse was closed in April 2015. At present it is unknown when it will re-open. If you are travelling the Gibb River Rad make sure you have enough food, water and fuel.


Tunnel Creek (C) Geri Dobson


Mt Barnett Roadhouse to the Kalumburu turnoff. 107km 16 07' 14" S 126 31' 10" E


Places of interest on this section of road are:


Barnett River, Barnett Gorge, Mt. Elizabeth Station, Hann River, Gibb River Homestead.


Kalumburu diversion. 428 Km return (Premit required (08) 9161 4300) 14 17' 53" S 126 38' 38" E


Places of interest on this section of road are:


Kalumburu, Fr. Anscars Museum, Drysdale River National Park, Drysdale River Station (08) 9161 4326, Mitchell Plateau diversion.


Entry and camping fees apply at Kalumburu and alcohol is prohibited in the community.


Mitchell Falls (C) Geri Dobson


Emma Groge (C) Geri Dobson


Kalumburu turnoff to the Great Northern Highway. 409Km


Places of interest on this section of road are:


Durack River, Karunjie Station (abandoned), Rollies Jump Up, Durack River Station (no fuel) (08) 9161 4324, Pentecost Range, Cockburn Range - spectacular!, Pentecost and Durack Rivers, Cambridge Gulf, Home Valley Homestead (08) 9161 4322, El Questro Station (fuel and supplies) (08) 9169 1777, Zebedee Springs, Chamberlain, Moonshine and El Questro Gorges, Emma Gorge.


Be aware there are saltwater crocodiles in the Pentecost River.


Chamberlain Gorge (C) Geri Dobson


Check out http://www.gibbriverroad.net/ for a comprehensive look at the road and conditions.


(C) (c) Geri Dobson


NPW Website for more information  





Gibb  River. Road Campsites . All 4x4 access.


  • May River. RA 40Km E. 17 22' 27" S 124 01' 31" E

  • Apex Creek. 17 06' 35" S 125 10' 40" E

  • Dog Chain Creek. 17 07' 36" S 125 14' 31" E

  • March Fly Glen. 17 09' 51" S 125 18' 33" E

  • Bell Creek Crossing.17 10' 12" S 125 21' 24" E

  • Saddlers Springs. 17 09' 09" S 125 28' 05" E

  • Adcock Gorge. 16 55' 49" S 125 46' 30" E

  • Creek Crossing. 16 54' 24" S 124 45' 51" E

  • Barnett River Gorge. 16 32' 25" S 126  07' 28" E

  • Hann River. 16 30' 56" S 126 21' 18" E

  • Waterlily Creek. 15 46' 54" S 127 38' 02" E

  • Pentacost River. 15 47' 54" S 127 52' 59" E

  • Fish Hole. 15 55' 01" S 127 59' 56" E

  • Beverley Springs. 250Km NE. 08 9191 4646

  • Mornington Camp. 247Km NE. 100Km off the main Road.

  • Diggers Rest. Closer to Wyndham.

  • Jack's Waterhole. 140Km W of Kununurra. Washed out by flood waters.


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