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Gnomesville is located next to a round-a-bout at the intersection of Ferguson Road and Wellington Mills Road in the Ferguson Valley south east of Bunbury.

So why is it there and how did it all start?

Well there is a question!

There are actually a couple of answers and we will give you the boring official one first.

History tells us that it was Kathleen Rees who placed the first gnome in the hollow of an old gum tree and local Tony Crowder put a sign up on the tree saying 'Dun Gnoming'.

Over time other gnomes appeared at the round-a-bout and an old meter box appeared and became the Gnome garage.

Kevin Campbell started clearing the area where most of Gnomesville now sits as it was originally quite over grown.

David and Cheryl Rourke constructed the Gnome wishing well and Gnomesville grew and grew.

Eventually the shire recognised the importance of the site to local tourism and a picnic table and benches were installed. A toilet was constructed, car park established and proper walkways were built.

This is the history for non-believers. However, if you are a true believer, this is the real history of Gnomesville.

People who have had gnomes in their garden will all know that sometimes a gnome or two will get bored and will wander off in search of adventure.

One such gnome was travelling the leafy forests of the Ferguson Valley and became confused when he reached the round-a-bout.

Being a country gnome, he had never seen such a weird thing before and he followed it, round and round but he got nowhere.

Now next to this round-a-bout was a nice shady patch of bush and there was even a lovely little stream!

Well that is just the sort of place gnomes love, so he decided to make his home there.

Word soon spread through out the gnome community (they are telepathic you know) and other gnomes came to join him. It was such a lovely place that gnomes from around the world heard of it and soon there were thousands of gnomes all living happily in the forest by the side of the road.

All true believers know that gnomes are only in the form we see them when humans are around.

Late at night when all of our kind have gone home to bed, the gnomes all shed their disguises and come to life.

They frolic in the forest, the drink and have parties and even swim in the brook.

Some drink a little too much and you will see the odd gnome who has been caught in the act of drinking when humans appeared or even worse has shed their clothes and has been caught naked.

Whatever story you choose to believe, Gnomesville is a truly magical place and if you arrive feeling sad or grumpy, you will surely go away feeling great with a huge smile on your face.

Gnomesville contains gnomes from all over the world and it grows and grows and grows.

It is one of the top 100 places to visit in Australia.

All this from a single lonely gnome in a gum tree.

So are there any other Gnome towns in W.A.? Well yes, there is one we know of in the Gascoyne. It is located on top of a dry, wind-swept hill near the old port of Gladstone. The weather up there is very harsh and there is no shade and no stream for the gnomes to enjoy so not many gnomes have decided to call it home and sadly the local council is very gnome unfriendly and has corralled the gnomes into a detention centre. What a shame...


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