View from the Zig Zag at Gooseberry Hill National Park

GPS 31 57 00 S 116 02 23 E







Park Area : 33 Ha.


Located 16 kilometres east of Perth this park can be accessed from Gooseberry Hill National Park Road, turn left into Williams Street / Lascelles Parade.

A one way (down) road called the Zig Zag follows the route of an old railway line and offers excellent views of the coastal plain.

The hill was named after a feature in Yourkshire, England by early settlers.

This National Park is close to Perth City and although it is small, it has a stunning array of wildflowers and is very popular during late winter and spring (August - October).

A walk trail passes Statham's Quarry and leads 5km through the bush. The walk is rated as 'difficult' due to steep terrain and uneven surfaces. The walk is about 6km and goes in a loop from Lascelle's Parade.

There are no visitor facilities located in this park.


Zig Zag when it was a railway

NPW Website for more information






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