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Today, Gutha has been deserted. The one remaining resident has gone and we fear for the future of the old hall that was in good condition the last time we were there.

The hall is listed as an overnight camp on Wikicamps so hopefully responsible travellers will treat the place with care and do their base to see that it doesn't get abused.

Gutha is located about 3 kilometres east of the Wubin to Mullewa road 32 kilometres north of Morawa.

Today there is a large wheat storage facility, the remains of an old shop, some sheds, a hall and one old house.

The first Eropeans known to pass through the area were the Gregory Brothers (Augustus and Francis) who led an expedition looking for new pastoral land in 1846.

It was first developed as a railway siding on the Mullewa to Wongan Hills railway and the current name is a shortened version of Muthingutha that was the aboriginal name for a nearby waterhole.

The siding was established in 1915 after being gazetted as a townsite the year before.

The area is most often visited in wildflowerr season (August-September) and overnight stops can be found at Ross Road rest area and further north at Canna where there can be some stunning displays of wildflowers after good winter rains.

The hall at Gutha is still in fairly good condition and is still used from time to time.

There is a bronze plaque on an inside brick wall, at the rear of the stage, donated by the Gutha Progress Association, with the following inscription:

'This plaque commemorates the memory of Pioneers and former Residents of Gutha at the "Back to Gutha" gathering on August 26th. 1978. '

When visiting Gutha Hall, the main activity is exploring the historic building itself. Built in 1922, the hall has been restored to its original state and provides a glimpse into the region's history and culture. Inside the building, visitors can read information boards that provide details about the hall's history and its significance to the local community.

The campground near the hall is free and at one time there were toilets available but we do not know if this continues to be the case.

There is a rail line running past the hall so expect some train noise.




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