Lake Ninan - Western Australia


GPS 30 57 08.95 S 116 39 21.21 E





Lake Ninan is located about 10 km south west of the wheatbelt town of Wongan Hills. The best access to the lake is from the Calingiri-Wongan Hills Road.

It is part of an important wetland area and is home to permanent and migratory water birds including ducks, ibis, heron, swans and pelicans.

In 1910, water from the lake was carted by camels to Wongan Hills for use in the steam trains.

In 1917 and again in 1963 the lake actually overflowed with the deepest part of the lake reaching 4.5 metres.

Before salinity became a problem there were even species of fish found in the lake. Today the lake can be up to 600% more salty than the sea.

For a time in the 1950-60s salt was collected at the lake.

There is a large rest area next to the lake with seats, table and a shelter.

The lake reserve covers 700 ha with 259 Ha being managed by CALM / DPaW since 1963 as an 'A' class reserve. The shire manages 245 Ha as a recreation reserve.







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