There are so many great West Aussie websites, Facebook pages and YouTube channels now, that it is hard to keep track of them all. We are trying to put together a list of the best ones so you know where to go for great local information. If you know of any that we have missed please send us an email (above) so we can add them to this list.

What we are looking for to add to this page are great sites, Facebook pages and YouTube channels that are being created by individuals and that really are interesting places to visit. We have a list of more formal links to W.A. website on our main links page so the ones we list here are more individual creations that are the best in their category.

Our apologies to sites that include lots of information about other states but this is a W.A. only zone.

Mingor - Photos of Western Australia

The first on our list has to be Gordon spends a lot of time and effort bringing pictures of buildings all over the state to his site. This site in particular is a wonderful companion to our own main website as we cover the many of the same towns. Gordon's pages show individual buildings and tell you much more than we do about each one. You will note that we have links to each other's pages so that you can find out a lot more about all the towns listed.



Wild Western Australia

Another great site with a very different look and feel to it is Bonny's 'Wild Western Australia'. This is a travel blog site with a heap of great travel information and Bonny's thoughts and experiences regarding the places she visits.

The site has a nice modern feel about it and there are heaps of amazing photos.

Bonny also has a Facebook page you can visit.



Intents Off Road

If you are into camping and 4 wheel driving then this is a great place to start.

Driving techniques, DIY projects, trip videos, gear reviews, if it is something to do with off road and camping action than Alex has it here. You will even find cooking segments to try out on your next rip into the bush.

There is also an Intents Off Road Facebook page and Alex has a great YouTube channel so check that out too.



Ronny Dahl

This is another great off roading YouTube channel where you will find trip videos, product reviews, vehicle modifications and more.

These guys go to places we only dream of taking the 'plastic fantastic' (our Prado) but we have hopes of tagging along on one of their slightly more tame adventures one day.

You will see Alex from Intents Off Road in some of Ronny's footage as they get together to travel and film sometimes.

Ronny also runs a photography Facebook page.



Dodgy Perth

And now for something completely different...

Dodgy Perth is one of our favourite 'fun' sites about Perth. Lots of tales of dodgy characters and dodgy goings-on in our fair city.

They also have a Facebook page for your entertainment and edification.



WA Made Off-Road

This new YouTube page has only recently been launched but their first video really makes an impact.

The filming and production are great and the content is entertaining and fun to watch.

We are really looking forward to seeing more from this page.



All about W.A. Railways

Don Copley's 'The H.O.W.A.R.A.S Website' is all you are ever going to need to know about the railways of Western Australia.

Don has travelled far and wide and if his site doesn't have the info you need about a W.A. railway, then I doubt you will find it anywhere else.

This site is a real example of dedication and long term commitment to a project. What does HOWARAS stand for? 'History of Western Australian Railways and Stations'.


Sadly this site is now offline.


Outback Family History

It's hard to know what to say about this amazing website. Suffice to say that if you are looking for historic information about the Goldfields of W.A. then it is probably on this site somewhere.

Moya Sharp, who operates the site has put together an astounding amount of information and the website is superbly crafted. Moya has even won awards for her work and deservedly so.



4WDing Australia

This blog is mostly about Western Australia and contains an absolute heap of information about going off-road in W.A.

Lots of photos, campsite details, tracks, gear, tips and tricks, you name it, it seems to be here with a few videos mixed in.






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