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Local Government (or shire and town councils) are responsible for the general day to day local running of designated areas of the state.

They provide services such as rubbish collection, road and footpath repair, approval of local developments and building construction, building inspections, some health related services, local ranger patrols including dog and cat management, provision of library services, local museums and heritage, control of public nuisance issues, maintenance of local parks and playgrounds, food safety inspections, street lighting, parking management, recreational facilities and swimming pools, recycling, tourism information, community centres, community transport, festivals, cemeteries and many other functions related to the running of a locality.

Local Councils are primarily funded by property rates, fees, fines and government grants for various projects.

We used to maintain our own list of Local Government websites but the sites changed all the time and we ended up with a bunch of broken links.

As a result we are now providing a link direct to the Western Australian Local Government Directory page.

We also provide Local Government links on individual town pages.


Online Local Government Directory

(Despite assurances from the WA government that changes to government websites would include link forwarding, we are still finding that government departments are not bothering to institute the procedure and as a result this link could break again in the future.)




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