Waddouring Dam


GPS 30 56 51 S 117 51 33 E




Toilets available Tables and / or seats and / or shelters provided Fire places or BBQs available Tent camping sites Caravan access possible Big rig access possible Pets allowed on leash Sight seeing area Walk trails Unpowered water craft allowed




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Located in the Shire of Mount Marshall, the Waddouring Dam is a popular spot for picnics and camping. It lies on the road about halfway between Trayning and Bencubbin .

Swimming is not advised due to untreated water, but kayaking and paddle boarding are allowed. It is recommended not to submerge your head when enjoying water activities in dams and lakes.

No powered boats are allowed access to the dam. Visitors can use facilities such as a shelter, seats, a table, a large fire pit by the water, and a toilet. Please keep the area clean and dispose of your rubbish properly.

Camping is permitted around the parking area near the dam, but keep the main area clear for caravans to turn around. The area has enough room for 2-3 rigs and a motorhome or campervan. Do not overcrowd it just to be close to the water. Camping is also allowed to the left and right of the entry track as you drive in from the sealed road.

To the right of the entry track is a loop that passes a quarry. Access to the quarry is prohibited because of the unstable nature of the rock face. There is enough space in this area for 4-5 rigs if the area near the dam is already taken.

Pets are allowed but must be under control at all times. Fires are allowed during normal non-restriction periods, and visitors are required to bring their own firewood and not burn wood from the reserve.

Although the current dam is a relatively modern structure, a dam has existed on this site since 1929. The dam provided water for the towns of Gabbin and Bencubbin. Although it is still in use, access to the water is prohibited, which suggests it is not used for drinking water.

Visitors are welcome to walk over the rocks, with access near the toilet or further along the left side of the dam where a gate allows entry to the rock on that side. Access to the dam wall and other infrastructure in the area is prohibited. Do not cut fences to access the rocks.

The best time to visit the dam is in late winter and early spring when wildflowers bloom, and water levels in the dam are high. There are many things to do at the dam, including bird watching, finding and photographing wildflowers, walking, kayaking, or just sitting and relaxing.

We thank the Shire of Mount Marshall for providing this and other wonderful campsites. Please show your appreciation by respecting this free campsite and its facilities. Spend some money in town to support the local community, whether it's by grabbing coffee and cake at the local café, buying supplies at the local shop, picking up some fuel, or getting a few beers. Every dollar spent in small communities like this helps.

Remember to support the shires that support you as you travel.




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