Wet Season
Build up to 'The Wet'






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The 'wet season' is a term that applies mainly to the tropical "WET" of northern Australia. It lasts from November to March, and combined with high temperatures and extreme humidity, makes the north a most unpleasant place during these months.

This sometimes leads to people "going troppo" which is basically very strange behaviour brought about by the heat and humidity. In some places the time immediately prior to the wet is known as 'suicide season'.

Due to the high rainfall, many major roads are flooded (dirt roads become completely impassable) and if you are crazy enough to travel around the north west during this period make sure you have extra food and some good books to read.

Large rivers like the Fitzroy or the Ord can stay in flood for several weeks at a time.

If you are stranded in one of the many towns for a while please try not to bother the locals with stupid questions like "when will the rain stop?" they have no more idea than you do and they get tired of silly questions from tourists every time the rivers flood.

As difficult as it can sometimes be to get around during the rainy season, there are some real benefits to being up north at that time.

Watching the red, dry, dusty land turn vibrant green within days of the rains starting is something we won't see anywhere else. Dry river beds fill with water and as if from nowhere, fish appear.


Main roads can be cut without warning in the Wet
Main roads can be cut without warning in the Wet



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