Books and journals about Western Australia
Books and journals about Western Australia







This is a list of historic books and journals that are available online. We have collected a number and converted them to PDF format. Not all are well formatted but all are readable.


Discovery of Australia by de Quiros in the Year 1606 - P. F. Cardinal Moran


Early Voyages to Terra Australia now called Australia - R. H. Major


The Aborigines of Western Australia - Albert F. Calvert


The Customs and Traditions of the Aboriginal Natives of North Western Australia - John G. Withnell


The Explorers of Australia and Their Life - Ernest Favenc


The Part Bourne by the Dutch in the Discovery of Australia - J. E. Heeres


Terre Napoleon - Ernest Scott


Journals of Australian Explorations - A and f Gregory


The Naval Pioneers of Australia - L, Becke and W. Jeffery


The Passing of the Aborigines - Daisy Bates


Explorations in Australia - John Forrest


Narrative of a Survey Volume 1 - P. P. King


Narrative of a Survey Volume 2 - P. P. King


A Voyage to New Holland - William Dampier


Western Australia - J. S. Battye


The Bushman - Edward Wilson Landor


Spinifex and Sand - David Carnegie


Voyage to Tera Australis Vol 1 - Mathew Flinders


Voyage to Tera Australis Vol 2 - Mathew Flinders


The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders - Ernest Scott


Journals Of Expeditions Of Discovery Into Central Australia - Edward John Eyre


Australia Twice Traversed - Ernest Giles


A Brief History of W.A. - E. Stirling


Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in North West and Western Australia - Goerge Grey


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