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There have been a number of differing calendar systems in use through out the world over recorded history and they can lead to some confusion, not only for historians but for people living with different systems.


One well known example of this confusion was during the Napoleonic wars when Allied and Russian forces arranged to meet at a given date in order to take action against the enemy. No one bothered to think about the different calendars being used and as the Russian version ran several days later, they did not turn up at the appointed time much to the consternation of the other allied troops.


The current calendar is known as the Georgian calendar and dates from 1700. People who wrote journals earlier than this date used different calendar systems. William Dampier (as an example) used the Julian calendar which, prior to March 1700 was dated 10 days earlier than the Georgian calendar and after February 28 1700 was 11 days earlier.



Julian Calendar

Georgian Calendar

December 1st 1699

December 10th 1699

March 1st 1700

March 11th 1700





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