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Km from Perth





314mm (82.6)

Max Temp

22C (46.2)

Min Temp

11.2C (-3.4)






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Old railway station, Huntís dam, Burracoppin,  Railway water tower, CBH grain terminal (the longest grain storage facilities in the Southern Hemisphere), Military Museum, No. 4 Pumping station, Merredin Peak, Totadgin Conservation Park, Art gallery.


Buildings of note


Old town hall 1911, Cummins Theatre.


Calendar Of Events


March:  Car rally, Show August (biennial): Vintage fair, Golf tournament.  September: Country music festival, Radiowest auction. October: Art exhibition.








Merredin Palace Restaurant


Inside Cummins Theatre

Inside Cummins Theatre



The first expedition to the area was led by John Septimus Roe in 1836. He was followed in 1863 by Henry Maxwell Lefroy. In this 945 mile journey, Lefroy travelled through what is now the shire of Merredin and on to where the golden mile was later discovered. From 1864-66 Charles Hunt organised three separate expeditions and he is credited with getting the name Merredin from the local Aborigines. Hunt suffered from T.B. and sadly died (aged 35) soon after his return from the third expedition.

The townís name is said to have originated from the Aboriginal word merritt-in or place of the merritt tree, which was used for making spears.

The initial townsite was gazetted in 1891 when 20 lots were surveyed. None of these were sold but a hotel was built to the south of this location and when the railway arrived in 1895, Merredin Station was established. In 1904 more lots were surveyed and by 1906 the area around the station was incorporated into the townsite.

At this time Merredin was also spelled Merreden and Merriden. The station name Merredin was adopted and the current name has been in use since 1907.

A water catchment area was developed on Merredin Peak and a channel directed rain water run off to a 25 million litre capacity dam. The structure can still be seen today, in fact it is still used to supply the fountain near the railway museum.

An agricultural research station was established in 1904 and it led to the development of the well known '
Bencubbin' strain of wheat.

The largest town in the eastern wheat belt, Merredin is located on the Great Eastern Highway between
Perth & Kalgoorlie. 40% of W.A.ís wheat is produced within a 100km radius of the town.

Smaller town sites and localities that are included in the Merredin Shire are: Hines Hill, Burracoppin, South Burracoppin, Goomarin, Korbel, Muntadgin, Nangeenan, Nokanning, Tangedin, Nukarni and Norpa.

Tall tales & true: Murder!

When Robert Waterson arrived home by train on a Sunday morning in May 1918 he found he was locked out of his house. He promptly kicked the door in only to find a man in a state of undress with his wife in the bedroom.

Grabbing a spear that was hanging on the wall as an ornament he proceeded to stab the intruder to death.

Another murder occurred in June 1922 when farmhand Archibald Samuel French shot his farmer employer (Andrew Podesta) in the back after being dismissed and told to leave the farm. French then committed suicide by taking poison. He admitted to the killing just before he died.


Old pumping station

Old pumping station




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