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Most Mandurah and Rockingham residents are familiar with the Spud Shed on the corner of Pinjarra and Ronlyn Roads but how many know that just across Pinjarra Road from the Spud Shed on Husband Road, is the charming Amaze Miniature Park?

Amaze Miniature Park is the new name of what was previously Abingdon Miniature Village. The park was closed for a while but we are very happy to report that it has now reopened.

Shady paths lead you through a magical garden landscape populated by little people and their livestock. It is not too hard to imagine that at the end of the day when everyone has packed up and gone home, the little figures come to life and the village buzzes with activity.

Each miniature building is based on an original building in England and the attention to detail is excellent. Shop windows contain tiny replicas of furniture, water wheels turn and in some areas of the park miniature trains glide along specially constructed railways. There are plaques for each building that tell you more about the original. Some, like Anne Hathaway's Cottage and the birth place of Shakespeare are well known dwellings. Others like farmhouses and mills may not be as famous but are just as delightful.

Apart from the miniature buildings and the railways you will find a mini-golf course with 12 holes, a circular 'time trial' maze and a much more challenging hedge maze. There are thoughtfully placed seats along the winding paths, tables and benches and even a picnic area so you can visit and enjoy a few hours in the relaxing surroundings.

The tea-rooms (Ruby House) once housed a large family where Stephen and Ruby Bosci raised 15 children (9 girls and 6 boys). The house was going to be demolished but the original owners of Amaze saved it and had it transported to its current site where it was turned into a delightful tea-room. (The information we have at present is that the tea rooms are not yet back in operation.)

From the secret garden, to the children's playground, Amaze has everything you need for an entertaining day out. If you live in Perth or the northern suburbs, you simply come down the freeway and get off at Pinjarra Road. Amaze is easy to find and is a very special place.

If you haven't been down to see it yet or if it has been a while, why not pack up a picnic lunch, bring the kids and enjoy one of the more unique attractions in the metro area.

There are plans to expand the number of miniature buildings in the park and add some extra interest for visitors.

Check out the Amaze Miniature Park website for more information.



Amaze Miniature Park


Can you imagine the figures coming to life at night?


Beautiful tranquil spot to relax and have a cuppa


Amaze Miniature Park


This place is aMAZEing !








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