Armadale Reptile Centre

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A couple of minutes south of Armadale on the west side of South West Highway is the Armadale Reptile Centre.


For years we have driven past the centre and never stopped by to see what it is like. When we finally got round to visiting we were surprised at how many animals are there and how interesting everything is.


The primary focus of the centre is (as the name implies) reptiles but in addition to lizards, snakes, turtles and crocodiles you will also find amphibians, marsupials, mammals and birds. There are over 400 animals representing about 80 different species.


The centre is very popular with children as they have a chance to meet snakes and lizards up-close. Educating younger generations about the importance of our native wildlife and the role creatures like snakes play in the environment is one of the major functions of the centre.


Many people are unaware that native reptiles are protected by law (Wildlife Conservation Act 1950) and should never be harmed. Injuring or killing native animals can result in a fine of up to $4000.


If you are confronted by a snake in the wild simply move away slowly or if unable to do so stay still until the snake moves away. We are not the natural prey of snakes and they are far more afraid of us than we are of them.


If you find a snake in your garden or home then you can contact an experienced snake handler to safely remove the animal. (The centre can also help with this). More people are bitten by snakes when trying to kill them or remove them than in any other circumstance.


Being able to see snakes in a safe environment helps people to identify which ones are harmless. This will hopefully help to reduce the numbers of pythons and legless lizards that are killed because people incorrectly see them as a threat.


Another major function of the centre is the rescue and rehabilitation of injured wildlife. Whenever possible injured animals are nursed back to health and returned to the wild.


Facilities like Armadale Reptile Centre are crucial to the long term survival of many native animals; yet they receive no government funding. You can help save native animals just by visiting the centre as admission fees are what keep the centre going. If you would like to get more involved then you can become a volunteer at the centre.


If you would like to make a donation to the A.R.C. to assist with the treatment of injured animals then contact them via their website.


When you visit A.R.C. you should allow at least 2 hours to see the exhibits. There is a lot of hands-on interaction and for anyone a little squeamish, you need to remember that at feeding time snakes eat (dead) rats and mice.


The centre opens from 10am to 4pm daily during school holidays and closes on Wednesdays when school starts. The only other days the centre closes are Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day.


A.R.C. first opened in 1995 after Klaas (an ex-Perth Zoo Keeper with 28 years experience) and his wife Mieke finally achieved their dream of operating their own wildlife park. The centre is a family owned and operated business and we whole heartedly recommend A.R.C. to locals and visitors alike.


If, like us, you have driven past the centre many times and are yet to go in and have a look, we suggest you make time to do so. It is a fascinating place and a great experience for all the family.



Armadale Reptile Centre


Armadale Reptile Centre


Armadale Reptile Centre


Armadale Reptile Centre








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