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Mokare (pronounced Mawarrie) was he son of an Aboriginal elder of the Minang tribe of the Nyungar (also spelled Noongar) people. His tribe lived in the King George Sound area and his first contact with Europeans seems to have been with sailors from the French ship Astrolabe. His picture was drawn by the French artist Louis de Sainson.

When the British arrived Mokare acted as a guide and tracker and assisted the parties led by Capt. Collet Barker, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Collie in their exploration of the area.

It is believed that he may also have been the person referred to as 'Jack' who proved very useful to Captain Phillip Parker King in 1821.

Mokare was a frequent visitor to the settlement at King George Sound and provided a great deal of information to the settlers about his tribes customs and beliefs.


Dr. Collie and Mokare became good friends and Collie published an essay on the Aborigines of King George Sound in the Perth Gazette (July-August 1834).

Sadly Mokare met the fate that was to befall many of his countrymen when he contracted influenza and died on the 26th of June 1831. Later (1835) when Dr. Collie also fell gravely ill, he requested that when he died his body was to be buried next to his good friend Mokare.

During the building of the town hall the graves were disturbed and the remains found there were re-buried in the pioneers' cemetery.

In 1978 a park on the Northern side of Mt. Melville was named in Mokare's honour and in 1997 a statue of him was erected in the gardens on York St..

(Note: The spelling of Mokare has also been given as Mawcarri, Mawcarrie, Markew, Mawcurrie and Makkare).


Mokare statue - Albany
Mokare statue - Albany

Mokare plaque




1800 - Born - this is only an estimated date.

1921 - Possibly the 'Jack' Recorded by P.P. King during his visit to King Geore Sound.

1927 - Acted as a guide to the Europeans who arrived on the Amity.

1929 - Accompanied Dr. Collie on his explorations.

1931 - Died June 26th.


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