Australian Slang







This is not intended to be a complete dictionary of Australian slang and terminology but I have put a few Aussie slang words, local names and terms together here and will add to the list from time to time. Many so called 'slang dictionaries' include words or sayings that are specific to only one area of Australia or use archaic slang that has fallen out of use. We have tried to include only slang that is in common use today and that a majority of Australians would know.


Not all the slang listed here originates in Australia but most of it is in fairly common use.

WARNING -  Aussie slang can be rude, irreverent and politically incorrect. There are many examples of this here.


Our thanks to Charley for some new additions to the list.


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ABC - Australian Born Chinese.



A bit more choke and you would have started -  Said if someone farts loudly.


Abo - Aborigine.



A over T - short for 'arse over tit', Going head over heels. Also 'base over apex' as in 'He tripped and went A over T.'


Ace -  Excellent. (Also -  Bonzer, beauty, grouse) 'That meal was really ace.'


AC / DC -  Bisexual. 'I think Bruce is a bit AC-DC.'


Act the goat - Behave in a silly manner. 'Stop acting the goat'. (Also giddy goat.)


Add insult to injury -  To make things worse than they are already. 'And to add insult to injury she said I was ugly!'


Aerial ping pong -  Australian Rules Football.


Aggro -  Aggressive. 'There's no need to be so aggro.'


Airy fairy -  Vague. 'I wanted a proper explanation but she was just airy fairy.'


Alice, The -  Alice Springs, Northern Territory town near Uluru (Ayers Rock). 'We're driving up from Adelaide to The Alice next week.'


All froth and no beer -  No substance. 'I thought he was reliable but he was all froth and no beer.'


All over him / her like a rash -  Someone who can't keep their hands to themselves. 'Did you see that pair in the street? He was all over her like a rash.'


All over red rover -  Something that has been ended. 'Then the siren went and it was all over red rover.'


All over the place like a mad woman's breakfast -  Chaotic. 'When his wife walked out he was all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast.'



All piss and vinegar - Someone with a sour disposition who instigates trouble.



All piss and wind - All air and no substance.


All your Christmases have come at once - Sudden unexpected good luck.


Alone like a country dunny -  More often 'stands out like a dunny in the desert' Someone or something that is very obvious for whatever reason.


Amber fluid -  Beer.


Ambo -  Ambulance driver or para-medic.


Anchors -  Brakes of a vehicle. 'The dog ran out and he slammed on the anchors.'


Angle of the dangle -  Whether a man has an erection.


Ankle biter -  Toddler. 'Bruce has a load of ankle biters to look after.'



Ante up -  to pay back a debt. Usually pony up. 'Hey Bill, time to pony up you know.'


Ants pants -  Similar to the bees knees. Refers to someone who thinks they are pretty good. 'Rachel thinks she is the ants pants.'


Any tick of the clock -  Something about to happen in the immediate future. 'Wait and see, he'll be here any tick of the clock.'


ANZAC -  Stands for, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp.


Apeshit -  An expression of extreme anger. 'The boss went apeshit when I arrived late.'


Apples (she'll be) -  It will be alright.


Apple eaters -  Someone from Tasmania where apples are one of the main primary products.


Apple Isle -  Tasmania.


Argie-bargie -  An argument or general unrest. 'There was some argie bargie at the football match.'


Argue the toss -  Vehemently question a decision. 'There's no point arguing the toss with me, son.'


Around the twist -  Gone crazy.


Arse about face -  Back to front.


Arse around / about -  Fooling around and wasting time. 'Stop arsing around!'


Arse wipe - A very unpleasant person.



Arvo -  Afternoon. 'I'm off to the footy this arvo.'


Aussie (Ozzie) -  Australian.



Aussie battler -  Someone who works hard but never gets anywhere. (Like me!)


Aussie salute (the great) -  Waving away the flies from your face.


Australian as a meat pie -  Anything that is authentically Australian


Avago -  Have a go. Often used as in 'Avago yer mug!'


Away with the pixies  /  faries -  Day dreaming. 'Look at him sitting there, he's away with the pixies.'


Awning over the toy shop -  A man's beer belly.


Axle grease -  Money.


Ay? -  Said when you haven't understood something properly.





Baccy -  Tobacco.


Back blocks (out in the) - Anywhere away from the big cities and towns.


Backchat -  Talking back to someone in a rude or insolent manner. 'You backchat me again and I'll flatten you!'


Back door bandit -  Homosexual male. (Also pillow biter, Vegemite driller, fag, homo, poofter, date packer.)


Backhander -  Bribe.


Back o' Bourke -  Anywhere away from the big cities and towns.


Back of beyond -  Anywhere away from the big cities and towns


Bad case of the trots -  Diarrhoea. 'He been in and out of the dunny all day, must have a bad case of the trots.'


Bag -  Uncomplimentary term for a woman or to criticize something. 'She was a real old bag!' or 'Hey don't bag my footy team!'



Bags - Laying claim to something as in, "I bags the biggest piece."



Bail out -  To get away in haste or to rescue a failing company by pouring in heaps of money. 'Hey time to bail out, here comes big Bluey and he looks pissed off.' or 'The government has again bailed out the banks with taxpayer's money.'


Bail up -  Used to mean to rob someone but now can mean to corner someone and engage them in unwanted conversation.


Bald as a bandicoot -  Bald. (Also chrome dome, flies skating rink, curly etc.)


Ball and chain -  A reference to one's wife - referred to in her absence.


Balls -  Testicles. (Also nuts, goolies, family / crown jewels, apricots.) Also an expression of disbelief - 'That's a load of balls!'


Balls up - Said when something goes horribly wrong. 'Gees, that was a complete balls up.'


Bananas (go) -  To go crazy.


Banana bender -  Queenslander.



Bang - To have sex.


Bangs like a dunny door in a hurricane -  Woman with no morals who has sex with anyone.


Bang-on -  Right on target.


Banged up -  In prison.



Banker - a river in flood. 'Running a banker.'


Barbie -  Barbeque.


Bar flies -  Old men who hang around the pub all day.


Barmy as a bandicoot -  Crazy.


Barney -  Fight or argument.


Barrack for -  Support a team.


Bastard -  Can be used in both a positive and negative way. 'He was a real bastard!' Or 'Where have you been, you old bastard!' If you don't understand the difference then don't use the word.


Bash -  A wild party or a physical attack.


Basket case -  Crazy.


Bat -  Ugly woman. (Also bush pig, bag etc.) Usually Crazy old bat.


Bathers -  Swimming costume. (also speedos or cozzie or swimming togs.)


Bats - Crazy. 'He's gone totally bats.' (Also batty.)


Battery acid -  Cheap cask white wine. (Also plonk, horse's piss, vinegar.)



Battler - Someone who is always struggling hard but never seems to get anywhere in life. (Like me)


Beanie -  Silly looking woolen hat.


Beak -  Magistrate or a nose.


Bearded clam -  Female genitals.


Beat around the bush -  To avoid coming to the point in a conversation.


Beaten by a blow -  To just beat someone at something.


Beaut, beauty, bewdy -  Excellent.



Beer goggles - When drunk you see things as better than they are, especially members of the opposite sex.


Beer gut -  Fat stomach on a man.


Beer o'clock -  Anytime it is time for a beer.


Bee's knees -  Similar to the ants pants. Refers to someone who thinks they are pretty good.


Beg yours? - Pardon me?


Belly flop -  Stomach-first dive in water. Been there done that, it hurts!


Belly-up -  Failure of a business. 'The company went belly up.'


Belt -  Hit or punch. 'Shuddup or I'll belt ya!'


Belt up -  Same as saying 'Shut up.' Ie. Stop talking now!


Bend the elbow -  Drink alcohol.


Bender -  To deliberately get drunk usually over a period of several days.


Better half -  Spouse or partner.


Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick -  Things could be worse.


Bewdy -  Excellent.


Bible-basher -  Evangelical Christian. Also God botherer. Someone who can't resist shoving their version of 'the truth' down other people's throats.


Big bikkies -  Lots of money.


Big note oneself -  Boasting.


Big smoke -  Cities or big towns. Can be anywhere bigger than where you are now.


Big sticks -  Centre goal posts in Aussie Rules football.


Bike (the town) - Woman with no morals who has sex with anyone.



Biker - Member of a motorcycle club or gang. Also Bikie.


Bikkie -  Biscuit.


Billabong -  Waterhole.


Billiard ball (as sharp as a) -  Dull witted.


Billy -  A container for boiling water over a campfire.


Billy cart -  Child's go kart.


Billyo -  To go very fast.


Bindy -  A grass prickle.


Binge -  To deliberately get drunk.


Bingle -  Minor car accident.


Bite on (to put the) -  Pressure someone for money.


Bite your bum -  Same as saying 'Shut up.' Ie. Stop talking now!


Bities -  Biting insects.


Bitser -  Mongrel dog. Bits of this, bits of that.


Bizzo -  Business.


Black stump -  A mythical place that signifies the end of civilisation. Hence the expressions 'Beyond the black stump.'


Bleeder -  Uncomplimentary term for a man.


Bleeding oath -  Unqualified agreement. Also Bloody oath.


Blimey -  Said when one is surprised.


Blind Freddy -  Mythical person who is used as a comparison in a given situation. 'The tree was so big even Blind Freddy couldn't have missed seeing it.'


Bloke -  Man. Another older term is cove.


Blood's worth bottling -  Refers to someone who has admirable qualities.



Bloody -  Known as the great Australian adjective. Used to emphasize many things.


Bloody oath - Unqualified agreement.


Blotto -  Very drunk.


Blow a fuse -  To lose your temper.


Blow in the bag -  Breathalyser test.



Blow smoke / sunshine up your arse - To be complimentary in a way that seeks to gain favour. Similar to 'brown nose'.



Blow your top - To lose your temper.


Blower -  Telephone.


Blowie -  Blow fly.


Blow-in -  Uninvited guest.


Blow through -  Someone who just passes through without staying long.


Bludge -  To take handouts without good reason. As in 'Long haired surfie dole bludgers.'


Blue -  An argument or a red-headed person. Also to make a mistake. I made a big blue.'


Blue-flier -  Kangaroo.


Blue Heeler -  A type of Dog or a nickname for the police.


Blue-nosed wowser -  Some one who likes to spoil other people's fun.


Blues -  Lights on a police patrol vehicle.



Bluey -  A rolled up blanket (swag). Also a blue-heeler cattle dog.


Bobby dazzler -  Something very good.


Bob's worth / two bob's worth -  An opinion.


Bob's your uncle -  Expresses the idea that once something is done, everything will be fine. 'Just get the mechanic to fix the car and then Bob's your uncle.'


Bodgy -  Poor quality or poorly done.


Bog -  Toilet. (Also dunny, kybo, crapper, thunder box) To take a bog means to defecate.


Bogan -  Rough individual living a radical lifestyle. A defined sub-group who lack sociability and concern for others.


Bogged -  Getting your vehicle stuck in deep sand or mud.


Bog in -  Usually an invitation to start eating.


Bog roll -  Toilet paper.


Bog standard -  Basic model. 'The car was bog standard.'


Boiler -  An old woman or an old hen unfit to eat.


Boil the billy -  To boil the kettle.


Bolted -  Ran away.


Bomb -  An old clapped out car.



Boner - Erection.


Bonkers -  Crazy.


Bonza -  Excellent.


Boob -  Foolish person or a mistake. Also a female breast.


Bookie -  bookmaker.


Boomer -  Male kangaroo.


Boomerang -  A rubber cheque (they bounce).



Boondie - Hard lump of sand. Usually used by kids for throwing at each other.



Boots'n'all - To do something with gusto.


Booze artist -  Heavy drinker. Also piss artist.


Booze bus -  Mobile breathalysing station.


Boozer -  Pub, hotel or a person who drinks too much.


Booze-up -  A party with more alcohol than food.


Bore the pants off -  Excessively boring.



Bored shitless - Very bored.


Botfly -  Scrounger. Also called a scab.


Bottle shop -  Liquor store.


Bottler -  Expression used when something good happens, Ie. winning the lottery.. 'You little bottler!'


Bowerbird -  Compulsive hoarder.


Bow wow -  Usually a sound made by one of a group of males when an ugly woman walks by.


Boys in blue -  Police.


Brass monkey weather -  Very cold weather. (As in it's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey)


Brass razoo - Money. Usually said in the form of: 'I don't have a brass razoo.'


Breadbasket -  Stomach.


Breaker - A person skilled in training wild horses.


Break open a coldie / tinnie -  Open a beer. (Crack a tinnie)


Breather -  Take a rest.


Breeze -  Something easy. 'It was a breeze.'


Brekkie -  Breakfast.



Brick shit house (built like a) - Someone who is large and usually muscular.


Brick short of a load -  Not very clever.



Brickie -  A bricklayer.


Bride's nightie (Up and down like a) -  Anything that fluctuates.


Bright as a two watt globe -  Not very clever.


Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed -  In good health and spirits.


Bright spark -  Clever person. Can be sarcastic. 'You're a real bright spark aren't you?'


Brizzie -  Brisbane.


Broad in the beam -  Someone with a big bum.



Brolly - Umbrella.


Brown eye -  Showing ones bottom pulling the cheeks apart, similar but more vulgar than mooning.



Brown eyed mullet - Feces floating anywhere people swim.


Brown nose -  To suck up, crawl to someone.



B.S. - See Bull dust


Brumby -  Wild horse.


Buckley's chance -  No chance at all.


Budgie smugglers -  Man's swimming costume, usually tight fitting as in Speedos. (Also cozzie etc.)


Buffin' the muffin -  Having sex.


Bugger - In Australia the word bugger is not used for its traditional meaning (which I am not about to discuss here). Its meaning depends on how it is used. "How are you going you old bugger" is actually a friendly greeting. "Bugger!" is an exclamation, used to express surprise or mild disappointment. "What a rotten little bugger" expresses derision.


Bugger-all -  Nothing. Q. 'How much did you get?' A. 'Bugger all!'


Bugger off -  To leave or to tell someone to leave.


Buggered -  Exhausted.


Buggered if I know -  No idea at all.


Buggerlugs -  Affectionate nick name.


Buggery -  A mythical place that you tell someone to go to (rude). 'You can go to buggery!'


Bugle -  Nose.


Built like a brick shit house -  Anything that is very big and strong. 'He was built like a brick shit house.'


Bullamakanka -  Another mythical place in the middle of nowhere.


Bull bar -  Protective bar bolted on the front of a vehicle. A bigger version is called a bull bar.


Bull dust -  A lie. (also bull twang, bull shit both of which are more offensive ways of saying the same thing.)


Bully for you -  Good for you. (Can also be said sarcastically.)


Bum -  Bottom.


Bum fluff -  Adolescent's first facial hair.


Bummer -  A big disappointment.


Bun in the oven -  Pregnant. Also up the duff or preggers.


Bunch of fives -  A clenched fist. Usually someone is 'given' a bunch of fives. The same thing as a knuckle sandwich.


Bung -  Something broken or carelessly put somewhere.


Bung it on / bung on an act -  To over act or pretend that things are worse than they are.


Bunyip -  Mythical creature.


Burl -  To try something.


Burr up -  To get angry.


Bush -  Anywhere away from town.


Bush baptist -  Same as bible basher. Religious zealot.


Bush bash -  Drive across country where there are no roads.


Bush quack - Bush doctor, untrained, unqualified and sometimes unreliable.


Bushed -  exhausted; lost; tired.


Bushfire blonde -  Red headed woman. For men the name Blue or Bluey is often used.


Bushie -  farmer or someone that has lived in the country all their lives.



Bush oyster - Nasal mucus, usually referred to when snorted in and swallowed (yuk!)


Bush pig -  An ugly person. (Usually woman.)


Bush ranger / whacker -  Outlaw.


Bush telegraph -  The gossip grapevine.


Bush TV -  campfire.



Bust a gut - To work very hard.


Bushytailed -  Healthy and wide awake. As in 'Bright eyed and bushy tailed.'


Busy as a centipede on a hotplate -  Very busy.


Busy as one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest -  Someone who is doing nothing.


Butcher's hook -  Rhyming slang for 'take a look'.


B.Y.O. -  Bring your own drinks. Also B.Y.O.G. meaning bring your own grog (alcohol.)



By a cat's whisker - Just managed to do something.






Cabbage patcher -  Someone from the state of Victoria.


Cack-handed -  Left handed.


Cackleberry -  Chicken's egg.


Cactus -  Spoiled or ruined. 'The car was cactus.'


Cakehole -  Mouth. As in 'Shut your cakehole!'


Call it a day -  To finish work for the day.


Call 'Ralph' -  Vomit.


Camp as a row of tents -  Homosexual male.


Can - Toilet.


Cancer stick -  Cigarette. (Also coffin nail.)


Cane toad -  Someone from Queensland.


Can't take a trick -  Someone who is unlucky.


Captain Cook -  Rhyming slang for 'take a look'.  "Hang on I'll just have a Captain Cook round the corner."


Cark it -  To die. "Poor old Bruce carked it last week."


Carpet grub -  Small child usually a toddler.


Carpet muncher -  Lesbian


Carry on like a pork chop -  To be silly or express frustration or anger that is out of proportion to the problem.


Cat's hiss -  Rhyming slang for 'take a piss'.


Cat's pajamas -  refers to a person who thinks they're better than others. He thinks he's the cat's pajamas. Like bee's knees etc.



Cat's piss (mean as) - A person who is mean.


Chalkie -  Teacher.


Charge like a wounded bull -  Ridiculously high prices. (See any shop in the country to experience this.)


Chateau de cardboard -  Cask wine.


Cheap as chips -  Inexpensive. (Prices that used to exist in shops but are seen no more.)


Cheap drunk -  Some one who gets drunk after only one or two drinks.


Cheapskate -  Penny pincher, tight wad, money grubber, long pockets short arms, Ie. a miser.


Cheerio -  Fare well statement.


Cheese and kisses -  Rhyming slang 'missus' the wife.


Chew and spew -  Cheap eating joint with poor quality food.


Chew the fat -  To have a long talk.


Chewie -  Chewing gum or bubble gum.



Chickenshit - Too afraid to do anything.


China plate -  Rhyming slang for a 'mate'.


Chinwag -  To have a long talk.


Chippie -  Carpenter.


Chockers, chock a block -  Very full. Can refer to eating food or fitting things into something.



Chokie - Chocolate.


Choof off -  To leave.


Chook -  A chicken. May also refer to an older woman Ie. "Give us a break you old chook!"


Chop (not much) -  Expression meaning something isn't much good.


Choppers -  Teeth, real or false.



Chrissie - Christmas.


Chrome dome -  Bald head.


Chuck a sickie -  Taking sick leave without being sick. (A national past time.)


Chuck a U-ie -  To do a U-Turn in a vehicle.


Chuck up -  Vomit. (Also Up-chuck.)


Chuck a wobbly / spaz - A temper tantrum.


Chunder -  Vomit.


Chunderous -  Something that makes you feel sick.



Clacker - Anus. As in: "Do that again and I'll put my boot up your clacker!"


Clagged out -  Exhausted.


Clanger -  To make a big mistake. Usually in conversation as in; 'He really dropped a clanger.'


Clayton's -  Substitute for the real thing. Originates from a non-alcoholic drink that was promoted as a substitute for spirits.


Clean skin - Unbranded cattle or a bottle of wine with no label.



Click - A kilometre. "Not far now, just a few clicks."


Climb the wall -  Go crazy.


Clobber -  Clothes or also meaning to hit someone. 'Go get your clobber on.' or 'He got clobbered in the fight.'


Clodhoppers -  Feet.


Clucky -  A woman who wants to have a baby.


Clued up -  Well informed.


Cluey -  Knowledgeable.


Coathanger (the) -  Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Cobber -  Friend.


Cock and bull story -  A tall tale.



Cockroach - Queensland expression for people from New South Wales. Also Mexican (Ie. from south of the border).


Cocky (or cockie) -  Farmer can also be used to describe someone who is a smart arse. A smart arse farmer would be a cocky, cockie. This can also be a cockatoo or a cockroach.


Cocky's joy -  Golden syrup.


Codger -  Old man.


Codswallop -  A load of nonsense.


Coffin nail -  Cigarette.


Cold as a mother-in-law's kiss -  Unwelcoming.


Coldie -  Cold beer.


Come a cropper -  Literally to fall down but also means to suffer bad luck.


Come a gutser -  Have an accident.


Compo -  Payment made to employees who are injured while working.


Conchie -  Conscientious objector during a war.


Cooee -  A cal made in the bush when trying to attract attention.


Cook the books -  Falsify business accounts.


Coot -  Old unpleasant man.


Cop -  Policeman or to be on the receiving end of something unpleasant.



Cop a piece of lead - To be hit by a bullet.


Cop shop -  Police station.


Cop it sweet -  To accept defeat with good grace.



Cop-u-later - Can be a farewell but can also be used as a 'sounds like' for the word copulator.


Corker -  Excellent.


Cornstalk -  Person from New South Wales.


Corroboree -  Aboriginal ritual dance.


Cot case -  Crazy person.


Cotton on -  Understand something.


Could eat a horse and chase the rider -  More than just hungry.


Could kick the arse off an emu -  In very good health.


Couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag -  A weak person.


Couldn't get a kick in a stampede -  Unlucky person.


Couldn't give a continental -  Couldn't care less.


Couldn't give a crap / shit -  Couldn't care less.


Couldn't hit the side of a barn -  Someone with poor aim.


Couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding -  A weak person.


Couldn't lie straight in bed -  A liar.


Couldn't organise a screw in a brothel -  An inept person.


Couldn't run a chook raffle in a country pub - An inept person.


Could sell boomerangs to the Aboriginals -  Very persuasive person. Australian adaptation of 'could sell refrigerators to the Eskimos'.


Counter lunch -  Lunch sold in a country pub.


Cow juice -  Milk. (Also moo juice.)


Cows come home (waiting 'till the) -  Waiting for a long time.


Cove - Old slang for Bloke, man etc.


Cozzie -  Swimming costume. (Also speedos)


Crack a fat -  to get an erection. (Also crack a horn.)


Crack onto (someone) -  Romantically 'hit' on someone.



Crackerjack - A good idea.


Cranky -  Bad tempered.


Crap -  Excrement; shit.


Crapper -  Toilet.


Crash hot -  Excellent.


Crawler -  A person trying to gain favour. (Brown nose, arse licker etc.)


Creeping Jesus -  Evangelical Christian. (Same as bible basher).


Cripes / crikey - Exclamation of surprise.


Croak / croak it -  To die.


Crock -  Lie.


Crockery -  Teeth.


Crook -  Can mean either feeling ill or a criminal.


Crooked as a dog's hind leg -  Something out of alignment or a thief.


Crow-eater -  South Australian resident.


Crown jewels -  Male genitalia. (Also family jewels.)


Cruddy -  Low quality item.


Crumblies -  Frail old people.


Crust (to earn a) -  To work for an income.


Cubby house -  Children's play house.


Cultural cringe -  Refers to Australians who think Australian things are not good enough compared to things from other countries. This is thankfully less apparent today.


Cuppa -  A cup (or mug) of tea or coffee.


Curly -  Bald person.


Curry (give someone) -  Make things difficult for someone.


Cushy -  Anything easy.


Cut snake (mad as a) -  Very VERY upset about something.






Dag -  A practical joker or dried sheep poo stuck to the wool.


Daggy -  Unfashionable.


Daks -  Trousers.


Damage -  The cost of something as in 'What's the damage?'


Damper -  Basic unleavened bread made from flour, water and salt.


Dander -  Anger. Someone with their 'dander up' is to be avoided.


Darwin stubby -  A normal stubby is a small bottle of beer. A Darwin stubby is a HUGE bottle of beer.


Date -  Sphincter.


Dead as mutton -  Dead.


Dead but won't lie down -  Can mean persistent person but is often used when describing real dead people (like Princess Dianna or Elvis) who are dead but never seem to be out of the press.


Dead dingo's donger (as dry as a) -  Very dry.


Dead horse (trying to flog a) -  A hopeless cause.


Deadset -  Very focused or without doubt.


Dead to the world -  Sleeping very soundly.


Dekko -  To look.


Derro -  Homeless person with addiction problems.


Dial - Face.


Dice - To throw away.



Dick - Penis.


Dick head -  Fool or idiot.


Dicky -  Poor quality. 'I bought a dicky watch in Bali.'


Diddle -  Swindle.


Didn't bat an eyelid -  Showed no reaction or emotion.


Didn't come down in the last shower -  Someone who can't easily be fooled.


Digger -  Originally used to describe gold miners but later became a term to describe someone in the Australian Army.


Digs  -  The place you live in.


Dill -  Fool.


Dilly -  Silly.


Dilly-bag -  A bag used to carry food.


Dingalling / dingbat -  Fool.


Dingdong -  A fight or argument.


Dingy -  Small aluminium boat.


Dinky -  To take a passenger on a pushbike (usually on the handlebars.)


Dinkum -  Authentic Australian. Usually 'Fair dinkum.'


Dinky di -  Authentic Australian.


Dip out -  To withdraw.


Dipstick -  Fool.


Dishy -  Attractive.


Divvy up -  Separate or share out.


Do a flit -  Run away from something.


Do a Melba -  Return from retirement many times.


Do a perish - Die (usually in the outback.)


Do me a favor -  Don't tell me lies or fibs.


Do the dirty -  To do the wrong thing to someone.


Do your block -  Lose your temper.


Do your dash -  Reach your limit especially with regard to gambling.


Do your lolly / na-na / nut -  Lose your temper.


Dob -  To inform on someone.


Dobber -  An informer.


Doesn't know if he's / she's Arthur or Martha -  Confused.


Doesn't miss a trick -  Alert to every opportunity.


Dog and bone -  Phone. Rhyming slang.


Dog's breakfast -  A mess.


Dole bludger -  Someone taking government handouts without good reason.


Done like a dinner -  Comprehansivly defeated.


Dong -  Ti hit someone.


Donger -  Penis.


Donk -  Vehicle engine.


Donkey's years -  A long long time.


Don't come the raw prawn -  Don't try to trick me.


Don't pick your nose or your head will cave in -  Calling someone stupid.


Dooks / Dookas -  Fists. 'Put up your dooks' is an invitation to fight.


Doona -  Lined bedding made from synthetic fibre, feathers or wool.


Dork - Fool.


Dosh -  Money.


Doss-house -  Boarding house.



Double-dink - To carry a passenger on a push-bike (bicycle) on the handlebars and another on the back. Dink or dinky was to carry just one passenger.


Down the hatch! -  Said before taking a drink of something or taking medicine.


Down under -  Australia.


Drag the chain - Lag behind, go slow.


Dreamtime - Aboriginal culture and religion is centered on their 'genesis' beliefs. The dreamtime can be viewed as the Aboriginal view of 'genesis'. Ie. How everything began.


Dribs and drabs -  A bit at a time.


Drip -  Foolish person.


Drippy - Boring.


Drink with the flies -  Drink alone (due mostly to unpopularity.)


Drongo -  Idiot.


Droob -  Slow witted. Similar to nong, drongo and drip.


Drop a clanger -  To say something very inappropriate.


Drop-bears -  Mythical creatures which jump from trees and sink their fangs into the heads of their victims. Said to look like koalas.


Drop kick -  Slow witted.


Drop your bundle -  To have a nervous breakdown.


Drop your guts / lunch -  Fart loudly.


Drover - Cattlemen who herded cattle over the vast distances of the outback


Drover's dog -  Lowest common denominator in abilities. 'It was so easy a drover's dog could have done it.'


Drown some worms -  Fishing.


Duck's disease -  Long body but short legs.



Ducky double - Used to express delight in something good. Apparently comes from a type of ice-cream favoured by children.


Dudder -  Con-man.


Duds / dacks -  Trousers.


Duffer -  Fool but a popular one.


Duffing - Stealing livestock.


Dull as a month of Sundays -  Very boring.


Dummy (to spit the) -  Lose one's temper.


Dumper -  A wave that dumps surfers into the sand.


Dunking -  Dip a biscuit into a cup of tea or coffee.


Dunny -  Toilet.


Dust-up -  A fight.





Ear-basher -  A person who can't stop talking.


Earwig -  Listen in on someone else's conversation.


Eighty proof - Refers to a spirit drink, usually rum.


Egg beater - Helicopter.


El cheapo -  Cheap and nasty or a miser.


Emma Chisit -  How much is it?


Enzed -  New Zealand.


Esky -  A portable container used to keep things (especially beer) cold.


Even stevens -  Equal or fair result.


Every bastard and his dog - Means too many people.






Face fungus -  Beard.


Face like a chook's arse -  Someone who is showing their misery on their face.


Fag -  Cigarette or homosexual.


Fair crack of the whip! -  Asking for a fair chance.


Fair dinkum -  What I'm saying is true. 'It's fair dinkum mate!'


Fair go mate -  Asking for a fair chance.


Fair suck of the sauce  /  sav -   Asking for a fair chance.


Fairy -  Homosexual.


Fat chance -  No chance.


Feral -  Generally refers to young untidy and dirty individuals. Technically anything gone wild.


Few stubbies short of a six pack -  Slow witted.


Fibber -  Liar.


Fit as a mallee bull -  In good health.


Five finger discount -  Stealing from a shop.


Fizzer -  A dissappointment.


Flat out like a lizard drinking -  Working extremely hard.


Flake -  Commonly used in fish and chip shops to try and disguise the fact that the fish is really shark. Shark is actually very good to eat.


Flake out -  Collapse exhausted.


Flat chat -  Going as fast as possible.


Flat to the boards -  Going as fast as possible or working very hard.


Flick (to give the) -  To dismiss something or someone. 'My girlfriend gave me the flick.'


Flicks -  Movies shown at a picture theatre.


Flip your lid - Lose your temper.


Floater -  Meat pie in a dish of green pea soup. (South Australian speciality) also means faeces floating in water.


Flog -  To steal.


Flog the log -  Masturbate.


Flophouse -  Very cheap accommodation.


Fluff -  To fart or to make a mistake.


Flutter -  A small bet. 'A flutter on the nags' is to bet on a horse race.


Flynn (in like) -  Usually means having sex. Refers to Australian movie actor, Errol Flynn who was notorious for seducing women (and later for being bi-sexual.)


Folding stuff -  Money (notes not coins).


Footy -  Australian Rules Football. (English football is called soccer.)


For crying out loud -  Expression of anger.


Fossick -  Search for gold that is on the surface.


Fossick around -  Look around for something.


Four by two -  A lump of wood.


Four mile wailer - Loud siren used to alert volunteer fire fighters.


Fox -  An attractive woman (opposite of dog.)


Franger -  Condom.


Fred Nerk -  your average citizen like John Doe, Joe Blow, Joe Bloggs.


Freebie -  A gift.


Fremantle doctor -  cool breeze that blows into Perth and Fremantle most afternoons in summer.


French letter  /  Frenchy -  Condom.


Fried eggs -  Small breasts.


Front -  Someone who shows audacity.


Fruit cake  /  loop -  Stupid person.


Fuck truck -  Panel van. These are usually owned by teenagers who fit them out with a mattress, carpeted walls, stereos etc. Same as Shaggin Wagon.



Fuck you and the horse you rod in on - Expression of disagreement.


Full as a boot -  Drunk.



Full as a goog - So full of food it is impossible to eat any more.


Full of beans -  Lots of energy.


Fun bags -  Woman's breasts.


Funny as a fart in a phone box  /  elevator -  Not funny.


Funny farm -  Mental hospital. Same as loony bin.


Furphy -  A false or misleading statement. Same as Red herring.



Fur Burger - Female genetalia.





Galah -  Silly person.


Galoot (big) - Silly person.


Game as Ned Kelly -  Brave but also foolhardy. Refers to Australia's most famous bush ranger.


Gander (take a) -  To have a look.



Garbo -  Person who is employed to remove rubbish from bins. New PC term 'Sanitary engineer'.


Gargle -  To have a drink.


Gasbag -  Chatterbox someone who talks too much.


Gazunder / Guzunder -  A potty or chamber pot. So caller because it 'goes under' the bed.


G'day -  The most common Australian greeting, Literally 'Good day'.


Geek -  Someone who is smart but not cool.


Get on like a house on fire -  To get on well with a new acquaintance.


Get on your goat -  To irritate someone


Get stuck into - Do something with energy and enthusiasm.


Get the arse -  To be fired from your employment. Also Get the axe


Get the drift? -  Do you understand?


Get the Guernsey -  To be selected for something.


Get your arse into gear -  To stop relaxing and get on with work.


Get your dander up -  To get angry.


Gibber -  Dry plains covered in pebbles.



Ging - A shanghai, hand held catapault.


Ginger Meggs -  Someone with red hair.


Give it a burl -  To try and do something.


Give it the flick -  Get rid of something.


Glutton for punishment -  Someone who doesn't know when to quit.


Go bush -  To head out away from the city into the outback.


Go crook -  To get angry.


Go down the gurgler -  Business or venture failure.


Godzone -  'God's own' country = Australia.


Gob -  Mouth. As in 'shut your gob.'


God botherer -  Religious fanatic. Similar to Bible basher.


Going like hot cakes -  An item or product that sells fast.



Going there and back to see how far it is - Said when someone wants to know where you are going and you don't want to say. Also see the next entry.


Going to see a man about a dog -  Said when you don't want to reveal where you are going.


Go like the clappers -  Going very fast.


Gone on someone -  To be in love.


Gone to the dogs -  Something that is no longer any good.


Gone troppo -  To go crazy after spending too long in the tropical north.


Good as gold -  Very good.


Good nick -  To be in good shape.


Good-oh -  Exclamation of satisfaction.


Good sort -  Attractive woman.


Goofing off -  Mucking around instead of working.



Go through like a dose of salts -  Work very fast.


Got space to sell between the ears -  Stupid.


Go two rounds with a revolving door (couldn't) -  Weak person.


Go walkabout -  To take off somewhere without warning.


Gong -  Either an award of some sort; 'He got a gong in the Queen's honours list.' or to be worn out as in; 'The motor has had the gong.'



Gravy - Good looking man.


Green around the gills -  Feeling ill.


Greenie -  An environmentalist. Also known as a  tree hugger.


Grey ghost -  Parking inspector.


Grizzle guts -  A complainer.


Grog -  Alcohol.


Grog on -  To drink a lot of grog.



Grog shop - A place that retails alcohol.


Grommet -  Junior surfer.


Grotty -  Dirty or untidy.


Grouse -  Very good.


Grub -  Dirty or untidy person.


Grumble bum -  A complainer.


Gully -  Small valley.


Gully raker -  A cattle thief also called a duffer.


Gumboot -  Wellington boots.


Gummy -  Toothless.


Gumsucker -  A person from Victoria.


Gunner  /  gunna -  Someone who procrastinates. They are always 'gunna' do something but never do.


Gunyah -  A small poorly constructed dwelling.


Gurgler -  Plug hole. As in 'The business went down the gurgler.'


Guzzle -  Drink quickly.


Gyp -  Swindle.




Hair like a bush pig's arse -  Untidy hair.


Hair of the dog that bit you (to have a) -  Drinking more alcohol as a hangover cure.


Hairs on your chest (put) -  Something you eat or drink that is not very nice or is very strong.


Handles like a dog on lino -  Handles very badly.


Hang out -  Spend time together.


Halfback flanker -  Rhyming slang for wanker.


Half pinter -  Small person.


Happy as a bastard on Father's day -  Very unhappy.


Happy as a pig in mud -  Very happy.


Happy as Larry -  Very happy.


Hardcase -  Narrow minded person.


Hard'n - Hard one (caused by constipation)


Has a death adder in his  /  her pocket -  A miser.


Has a few palings missing from the fence -  Mentally unstable.


Has a snout on someone -  Have a grudge against someone.


Has white ants in the woodwork - Mentally unstable.


Hasn't got a bean  /  cracker -  Has no money.


Hasn't got all four paws on the mouse -  Not a very bright person.


Hasn't got an earthly -  No chance at all.


Have a blow - Take a rest. (Means something completely different in modern slang).


Have a gig - Take a look.


Have a slash -  Urinate.


Have a snort -  Drink an alcoholic drink usually spirits.


Have a sticky beak -  Being nosey.


Haven't got two bob to rub together -   Has no money.


Head like a mini with the doors open -  Someone with large or protruding ears.


Head like a robber's dog -  Very ugly person.


Heaps -  Lots of something.


Head - Nautical term for toilet


Heart starter - First coffee of the day.


Heave -  Vomit.


Heebie-jeebies  /  screaming heebie-jeebies -  To be frightened or repulsed.


Hen fruit -  Eggs.


Hide the sausage  /  salami (play) -  Sexual intercourse.


Hit the hay  /  sack -  Go to bed.


Home and hosed -  Completed a task.


Hooks -  Fingers.


Hoon -  Badly behaved young person. Same as yobbo.


Hooroo -  Farewell.


Hooter -  Nose.


Horizontal exercise  /  dancing  /  lambarda -  Sexual intercourse.


Horses for courses -  The right thing for the right task.


Hotter than a shearer's armpit -  Very hot weather.


Hottie -  An attractive woman.


Hot under the collar -  Get angry.


Hubby -  Husband. (Also old man)


Humdinger -  Very good.


Hump a bluey or swag -  Old term for carrying a swag.


Humping -  Sexual intercourse.


Humpy -  Rough shack.


Hung like a Mallee bull -  Man with big genitals.


Hungry as a black dog -  Famished.





I hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down! -  A common Australian curse.


Icy pole -  Frozen ice popsicle.


Idiot box -  Television.


Iffy -  Doubtful origin. 'That meat looks a bit iffy to me.'


If he laughed, his face would crack -  An unhappy person.


If his brains were dynamite he wouldn't have enough t blow his balls off -  Dim witted person.


Ikey Mo -  A Jew.


I'll be buggered -  An exclamation of surprise.


I'll be a monkey's uncle -  An exclamation of surprise.


In a tizz -  Very confused.


In good nick -  In good shape.


Innings -  Term of someone's life. 'He had a good innings.'


In the cactus -  In trouble.


In the club  /  pudding club -  Pregnant.


In the nick -  In gaol.


In ya boot! -  I don't agree with you.


Iron lung (wouldn't work in an) -  Lazy individual.


Iron out - To sort out a problem.


Is the Pope a Catholic? -  Something obviously true. Variations include, 'Does a bear shit in the forest?'


It's a freckle past a hair -  Said when someone asks you the time when you don't have a watch. Also a hair past a tooth.


I've seen a better head on a glass of beer -  Said to someone you think is ugly.


Ivories -  Teeth or keys of a piano.





Jack of -  Fed up with.



Jack off - Masturbate.


Jack of all trades (master of none) -  Someone who can do many things reasonably well but is not particularly skilled in any one area.


Jackaroo -  Apprentice stockman. Jillaroo is the female version.


Jack up -  To raise prices unnecessarily.


Jaffle -  Toasted sandwich with sealed edges.


Jam jars -  Thick lenses on spectacles. More commonly called Coke bottle ends.


Jeeze -  Exclamation of surprise.


Jerry -  Potty. Same as guz-under.


Jesus wept! -  Exclamation of exasperation.


Jiffy -  A short space of time. 'I'll be with you in a jiffy.'


Jiggered -  Broken. Also and exclamation of surprise; 'I'll be jiggered!'


Jillaroo -  Female Jackaroo.


Jilgie - Freshwater crayfish also called 'yabbie.'


Jimmy riddle -  Rhyming slang for piddle.


Jocks -  Male underpants. Also Jock is someone from Scotland.


Joe Blake -  Rhyming slang for snake.


Joe Bloggs -  Average man. Also Joe Blow.


Joey -  Baby kangaroo.


Jumbuck - Sheep.


Jumper -  Pullover, sweater or jersey.


Jungle juice -  Home made alcoholic drink.





Kangaroo hop -  Jerky motion of a car driven by a learner who has not mastered the clutch.


Kangaroos loose in the top paddock -  Crazy person.


Kark it - Die.


Keen as mustard -  Very enthusiastic.


Keep one for Ron -  Keep something for later on.


Kerfuffle -  Disturbance.


Khyber Pass -  Rhyming slang for arse.


Kick a goal -  To succeed in having sexual intercourse.


Kick in -  To donate money for a good cause.


Kiddiewink -  Child.


Kindy -  Kindergarden.



King hit - A single devastating punch that usually knock one's opponent out. Similar to a 'haymaker' in English slang.


King ping -  Leader of something.


Kip -  Brief sleep.



Kiss-Chasey - Flirting, usually a term used by children about adults.


Kiwi -  New Zealander. Also used and more derogatory 'wee wee'.


Knackered -  Exhausted.


Knee high to a grasshopper -  Short person.


Knickers -  Female underwear.



Knob - Penis.


Knock -  Criticise someone or to have sexual intercourse.


Knockback -  Refusal.


Knocked up -  Pregnant.


Knockers -  People who criticise or a woman's breasts.


Knock-off time -  End of the working day.


Knocking shop -  Brothel.


Knotted (get) -  Same as Bugger off! Get stuffed! etc.


Know a thing or two -  To have good knowledge of something.


Knuckle sandwich -  Punch in the mouth.



Knuckles - A game played mostly by school boys which involves trying to hit each other's knuckles.




Lacky band - Elastic band.



Lair -  A youth that is obnoxious and dresses in a flashy manner.


Lairise around -  To draw attention to yourself by doing annoying or stupid things.


Lame brained -  Silly person.


Larrikin -  A (usually) likeable person who does nor necessarily follow all the rules.


Land shark -  Property developer.


Lashing out -  Spending money outrageously or a violent outburst.


Laugh at the lawn -  Vomit outside.


Lav -  Toilet.


Lead you up the garden path -  To give misleading information.


Leak (to take a) -  Urinate.


Leckie -  Electrician. Also Sparkie.


Leftie -  Socialist or communist. Also usually applied to greenies.


Legal eagle -  Lawyer or solicitor. (The way they like to think of themselves anyway!)


Leg opener -  Alcoholic drink (usually disguised) to make women lose their sexual inhibition.


Leg pull -  A joke.


Lemon -  A useless product.


Lezzo -  Lesbian. (Also Dyke).


Lie doggo -  To hide.


Lift doesn't go all they way to the top floor  -  Slow witted.


Lights are on but nobody's home -  Slow witted.


Like a possum up a gum tree -  Very happy and contented.


Like a one-legged man at an arse-kicking party -  Out of place.


Like a shag on a rock -  To stand out.


Like a stunned mullet -  Astonished and surprised.


Like a two-bob watch -  Erratic.


Like billyo -  To do something with great energy and enthusiasm.


Like the clappers -  Very fast.


Like two ferrets fighting in a sack -  Said when looking at a large woman's wobbly bum.


Like watching paint dry -  Very boring. Also watching the grass grow.


Lippy -  Lipstick.


Liquid amber -  Beer.


Liquid laugh -  Vomit.


Liquid lunch -  Lunch of only beer.


Little beauty / little ripper -  A good thing.


Little Vegemites -  Children.


Little boys -  Cocktail sausages (Savs)


Little house -  Outdoor dunny.


Lit up like a Manly ferry -  Very drunk.


Lively as a blow fly on a winter's day -  No energy.


Living the life or Riley -  To be carefree and contented.


Loaded -  Drunk or wealthy.


Lob in / lob up -  Turn up unexpectedly.


Local bike -  Promiscuous woman.


Local yokel -  A well know local person. May also be used in a negative way to describe someone from a small country town. (Meaning they are a bit dumb.)


Lofty -  Tall person.


Lolly -  A sweet confection, candy. Also sometimes used to mean money.


Lolly (do your) -  Lose your temper.


Lolly water -  Any drink not containing alcohol.


Long drink of water -  Tall person.


Long neck -  750ml beer bottle. Also brown bomber.


Long paddock -  Grassy land beside the road used by drovers when times are tough.


Loo -  Toilet.


Look like death warmed up -  Very ill looking.


Looney bin -  Mental institution. Also nut house.


Lord or Lady Muck -  Snobbish person.


Lousy -  Can mean ill or not good.


Lousy bastard -  A miser.


Lower than a snake's belly -  The worst kind of person.


Lubra - (Aboriginal) Young woman.


Lucked out -  Bad luck.


Lucky Country -  Australia - where else ?!


Lucky as a bastard on Father's Day -  Unlucky.


Lumbered -  To be stuck with an unwanted responsibility.


Lurk -  A good deal.





Mad as a cut snake -  Angry and dangerous.


Mad as a meat axe - Crazy.


Maggoty -  Angry.


Magpie -  Someone who hoards things.


Make a galah of yourself -  Behave like a fool.


Make a quid -  Earn a living.


Map of Tassie -  Woman's pubic hair.


Mate -  Friend.


Mateship -  Friends helping each other.


Mate's rates -  Special price charged to friends.


Matilda -  Swag.


Mexican -  Someone from Victoria (term used by Queenslanders and NS-Welshmen.


Mick -  Irishman.


Mickey (taking the) -  Teasing someone.


Middy -  285 ml glass of beer.


Miffed -  Mildly annoyed.


Mingy -  Miserly.


Min min lights -  Mysterious lights seen in the outback.


Missus -  Wife.


Mediterranean back -  Fake back pain. Originates from the idea that people from that region falsify injuries to get compensation.


Mob -  Large number of kangaroos.


Mockers -  Jinx someone.


Molly dooker -  Left handed person.


Monday-itis -  The thing everyone who works for a living feels on a Monday morning.


Mongrel -  Bad person or mixed breed dog.


Monkey suit -  Suit.


Month of Sundays -  A very long time.


Moosh -  Mouth.


More arse than class -  More luck than style.


More front than Myers (or David Jones) -  Bold and cheeky.


More movements than a Swiss watch -  Untrustworthy person.


More than you can poke a stick at -  Anything that is too much of something.


Morning glory -  Morning male erection.


Mousetraps in his pockets -  Miser.


Mouthful of marbles -  Snobbish way of speaking. Also 'Speaks with a plum in the mouth.'


Mozzie -  Mosquito.


Muck about -  Wasting time and fooling around.


Mug -  Foolish person.


Mug's game -  Anything you might do that brings no reward for effort.


Mulga madness -  Going crazy after spending too long in the bush.


Muso -  Musician.


My stomach thinks my throat's cut -  Very hungry. Also 'Belly button is stuck to my backbone.'


Myxo / Myxie -  Myxomatosis. A disease created to try and eradicate rabbits.






Nark -  A police officer working for the vice squad.


Nasho -  National serviceman. (National service is no longer in place today.)


Neddie -  Horse.


Never-never -  The outback.


Nick (in the) -  Naked, without clothes.


Nicked -  Arrested by the police.


Nick off -  To take time away from an appointed task without permission or said when you want someone to get out of your sight.


Ning-nong / nong -  Slow witted or stupid person.


Nipper -  Young person.


Nippy -  Cold.


Noah's ark -  Rhyming slang for shark.


Noggin -  Head.


No drama -  Not a problem.


No hoper -  A time waster.


Norks -  Woman's breasts.



Nose-bleed seats - Cheap seats at a venue that are so far back and so high up that you get a nose bleed sitting there.


Nose down, bum up -  Hard at work.


Nose, on the -  A bad smell or something dodgy.


Nosh up -  A meal.


Not much chop -  Not very good.


Not a patch on -  Not as good as.


Not an earthly -  No chance at all.


Not backward in coming forward -  Someone who is not afraid to ask for what they want.


Nothing between the ears -  Stupid person.


Not the full quid -  Slow witted person.


Not the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer -  Slow witted person.


Not the sharpest tool in the shed -  Slow witted person.


Not what it's cracked up to be -  Something that is disappointing.


No worries -  Not a problem.


No wukkin' furries -  Spoonerism for 'no Fucking worries.'


Nuddy (in the) -  Naked.


Nuggety -  Small and tough.


Nulla-nulla -  Aboriginal wooden club.




Ocker -  Australian equivalent of and Amercan 'redneck'. Same as yobbo.


Off your face -  Drunk.


Off the beaten track - Away from normal roads.


Off like a bride's nightie -  Leave suddenly.


Off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun - Something suspicious or bad.


Off-sider -  Partner.


Off your tucker -  No appetite.


Old chook -  Old woman.


Old fella -  Penis.


On a good wicket -  Doing well often with little effort.


On a sticky wicket -  In trouble.


On the ball - Tuned in and ready for anything.


On the blink -  Something about to break down or stop working.


On the make -  Looking for sex.


On the nose - Bad smell.


On the outer -  To be rejected by others.


On the turps -  Drinking too  much alcohol.


On the wagon -  No drinking alcohol for a while.


On the wallaby -  travelling through the country.


On the wrong track -  On an incorrect train of thought.


On your Pat Malone -  Rhyming slang for on your own.


Once over (give it the) -  Check something out.


One-armed bandit -  Poker machine.



One eyed trouser snake - Penis.


On-ya! -  A compliment meaning 'good on you.'


Oo-roo! -  Goodbye.


Open slather -  No restraints.


Optic nerve -  Perve. To have a look at something you shouldn't see.


Op shop -  Charity shop.


Order of the boot -  Fired from your job.


Organise a piss up in a brewery (couldn't) -  Useless person.


Out to pasture -  To retire.


Out of it -  Drunk and insensible.


Outback -  Remote areas.


Oz -  Australia.




Pack of galahs -  Group of silly people.


Pack (cack) your dacks -  Terrified.


Panic merchant -  Someone who spreads panic.


Paralytic -  So drunk you are unable to stand.


Park a tiger on the rug -  Vomit.


Pash -  Passionate kiss.


Pat Malone (on your) -  On your own.


Pay back - Taking revenge.


Pay through the nose -  To be overcharged.



Penguin -  A nun.


Perk -  To get something for nothing.


Perve -  To ogle at someone. Also short for pervert.


Pester -  To bother someone.


Piccaninny Dawn - The time in the cool of the morning when it starts to get light but the sun has not yet risen.


Pick / pull the skin off a rice-pudding (couldn't) -  A weak person.


Piece of cake -  Easy task.



Piece of piss - Easy task (as above).


Piffle -  Rubbish, nonsense.


Pig's arse -  What you are saying is incorrect.


Pike out -  To give up easily.


Pinched -  Arrested.


Pipped at the post -  To narrowly lose.


Piss -  Urine or alcohol.


Pissed as a newt / parrot / fart -  Drunk.


Pissed off -  Very angry.


Piss in someone's pocket -  To brown nose, suck up or crawl.


Piss into the wind (don't) -  Do something against the odds.


Piss on you if you were on fire (wouldn't) -  A statement of contempt to someone you loathe. Also 'I wouldn't cross the road to piss on you if you were on fire.'


Piss pot -  Heavy drinker.


Piss up -  Party with lots of alcohol.



Plastered - Very drunk.


Plates of meat -  Feet.


Play funny buggers -  Attempt to lie or cheat someone.


Play possum -  To pretend to do something.


Play the neddies -  Gamble on horse races.


Plonk -  Cheap wine.


Point Percy at the porcelain -  To urinate in a toilet.


Point the bone at -  To blame someone for something.


Poke in the eye with a sharp stick (better than) -  Make the best of a situation.


Pokies -  Poker machines, one arm bandits.


Pollies - Politicians (The least trusted profession in Australia even lower than lawyers and used car salesmen.)


Pommie / Pom -  an English person. Refers to Prisoner of Her Majesty, or Prisoner of mother England.


Pong -  Bad smell.


Poofter / poof -  Homosexual male.



POQ - Piss off quick. To go away in a hurry.


Postie -  Postman.


Possie -  Seating place. (Also pozzie)


Posh -  Snobby.


Pot calling the kettle black -  Saying something bad about someone else that also applies to you.


Poxy -  Poor quality, bad.


Prang -  Minor car accident.


Preggers -  Pregnant.


Pressies -  Presents.


Puffed -  Out of breath.


Pull a swifty -  To deceive someone.


Pull someone's leg -  Play a joke on someone.


Pull the other one -  Statement of disbelief.


Pull up your socks -  Improve yourself.


Pull your head in mate -  Mind your own business.



Pull your pud - Masturbate.


Purler -  Good, great.


Purple patch -  A run of good luck.


Push-bike - Bbicycle.


Push shit uphill with a sharp stick -  To attempt a hopeless task.


Put a cork / sock in it! -  Shut up now!


Put the bite on -  Ask for a loan of money.


Put the boot in -  To attack someone when they are down.


Put the hard word on -  Ask someone for something (especially sex).


Put the mockers on -  Jinx someone.


Put up job -  A deceptive way of doing something.


Put up your dooks! -  Fight me. Defend yourself.





Qantas -  Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service. Australian Airline.


Quack -  A doctor.


Quick snort -  A quick drink of alcohol.


Quid -  Originally one pound sterling, now one dollar.





Rabbit killer -  A chop across the back of the neck with the side of a hand.


Rabbit on -  To talk endlessly about nothing.


Racing off -  Adultery.


Rack off -  Get away from me now!


Rafferty's rules -  No holds barred, no rules.


Rag (on the) -  A woman having her monthly period.


Rage -  Wild party.


Raincoat (mouse's) -  Condom.


Raining cats and dogs -  Rain storm.


Randy as mallee bull -  Very sexually aroused.


Rank -  Something that stinks or is corrupt.


Rapt -  Very pleased.


Rare as rocking horse shit (or chicken's teeth) -  Very rare indeed.


Ratbag -  Someone who is a bit of a scoundrel but is generally likeable.


Rat shit  -  Very bad.


Rattle your dags! -  Hurry up.



Rats of the air -  Pigeons.


Ratty -  Unhappy.



Raw prawn - As in 'Don't come the raw prawn with me!' Don't be a smart arse.


Reckon -  Estimate or guess.


Reg Grundies -  Underpants.


Rego -  Car registration.


Rellies -  Relatives.


Richard Cranium -  Short form of Richard is Dick and cranium means head, put the two together and you get 'Dick head'.


Ridgie-didge -  Authentic.


Ringer -  Top shearer in the shearing shed.


Ring-in -  A substitute.


Ripe (smells) -  Bad smell.


Rip off -  Cheated.


Ripper -  Very good.


Ripsnorter -  Very good.


Road train -  Long haul truck with two or more trailers.


Roam around like a lost sheep -  Wander aimlessly.


Roaring trade (doing a) -  Doing well in business.


Rock up -  To arrive somewhere.


Rollie -  Hand-rolled cigarette.


Roo bar -  A metal frame on the front of a vehicle to protect it when colliding with kangeroos.


Root -  Sexual intercourse.


Rooted -  Very tired.


Ropable -  Exceedingly angry.


Rort -  A con.


Rotgut -  Cheap wine that tastes awful.


Rough end of the pineapple / stick -  To be on the wrong end of something.


Rough nut -  A hillbilly.


Rouseabout -  Someone who does odd jobs.



R.S. - See Rat Shit


Rubbity dub -  Rhyming slang for pub.


Rug rats -  Children.


Rug up -  Dress in warm clothes.


Run about like chook with its head cut off -  Run around without purpose.


Run around in the shower to get wet (to) -  A very thin person.


Run-in with someone -  Disagreement.