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The Goldfields are for the most part semi-desert and extremely dry and hot for most of the year.

That doesn't mean that they shouldn't be on visitors 'to-do' list as there is plenty of history and some quite surprising areas of natural beauty to explore.

There is still plenty of gold out there to be found as well so there are all sorts of reasons to include this area on your travel itinerary.


Kalgoorlie-Boulder Museum
1. Kalgoorlie-Boulder Museum


The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Museum isn't hard to spot as it sits beside a huge red head frame and it is possible to take a lift to the top and get the best view in town.

The museum has the largest collection of nuggets and gold bars in the state and there are several permanent exhibitions including a miner's cottage, the Debanarles building and the British Arms hotel that is reputed to be the most narrow pub in the southern hemisphere.

To find out more visit the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Museum website.


Westonia Museum
2. Hood-Penn Museum - Westonia


Westonia is off the main tourist routes and sits north of the Great Eastern Highway but we urge travellers to make the short detour to see this little town because it is one of the most charming places in the state.

The museum is one of the main attractions and it houses a large collection. The displays are remarkably good and very interesting.

There is also a mine site lookout for the local Edna May Mine and if you are visiting at just the right time you may hear explosions going off as the ground is broken up prior to being loaded on waiting mining trucks.

Find out more at the Museum website.


London Bridge
3. London Bridge


This interesting formation is located near the town of Sandstone and has been a tourist attraction for many years.

Unfortunately it will not continue to exist as the bridge section is getting thinner and eventually it will collapse.

On the way to London Bridge you will pass the 'beer cave' where a brewery once operated and the produce was stored in the back of the cave to keep it cool.


Hannans North Tourist Mine
4. Hannans North Tourist Mine


Located in Kalgoorlie this was once a working mine but today it allows visitors to see what mining operations were once like.

There is a gold pouring demonstration and you can even go underground to see the old mine workings.

See the Hannans North website for more information.


The Super Pit
5. The Super Pit


It should be no surprise by now that many of the attractions in the Goldfields are centered around mining and the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie is probably the largest of them all.

Once the area this huge hole now occupies was made of of many different mines. The leases were eventually all amalgamated and this huge hole was born. It is now Australia's largest open-cut goldmine. It is roughly 3.5 kilometres long, 1.5 kilometres wide and about half a kilometre deep.


6. Gwalia


If you are travelling through the goldfields, one place you MUST NOT miss is the historic town of Gwalia.

Located near the town of Leonora, Gwalia is basically a ghost town that has been restored to the way it was when miners lived here in incredibly primitive conditions. Their tumble-down tin shacks contrast sharply with the mine manager's luxurious house on the hill.

Hoover House has also been fully restored and harks back to an area of grace and refinement. You can stay at the B and B and enjoy this luxury and explore the museum that is right next door.




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