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Number of videos added to this section so far : 684

Our video collection on YouTube continues to grow and although there are some links to videos from this site, there is no easy way to find older content. So in order to try and make the videos easier to find, we have created this page. You will find videos sorted into groups under a topic heading.

Simply click on any video title that interests you to bring up the video clip.

You can really help us to create more videos by watching any advertising that appears on our videos. It is the only way we can raise money and keep doing what we do. Every cent we get goes back in to our website and our YouTube channel.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is currently in development we are still adding videos and it will take some time before they are all done. Please let us know what you think of this page and if there is any way we can improve it. There will be more videos here every few days so drop back to check out what is new.

The videos are not necessarily in alphabetical order so check all the way to the end of a section if you are looking for something specific.

Whay are some places featured more than once? Well we film over many years and original videos my have something missing or they may be rather awful and need re-making, so we often re-edit and add new footage or just make a completely new video. With a few places, such as Augusta, we feature them so many time because we like them so much.


If you have a problem playing our embedded videos on our website or on our Patreon page, it turns out that Firefox is blocking some tracking that is needed for embedded videos to play via YouTube. The way to fix this is to click on the small shield icon to the left of the URL near the top of the screen and to turn enhanced tracking protection off by clicking the little slider button on the left hand side.

The screen will then reload and you will be able to play the video.

You can reverse the process after you have watched the video to turn tracking protection back on if you want to.


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We also have some of our very old analogue videos available. They can't compare to the high tech new ones that we make today but we have some of them on the following pages which may be of interest to some epople. Because we are hosting these on our own website, they may be a bit slow to load.

Old Videos Page 1
Old Videos Page 2






Alexandra Bridge

Avon Valley

Barrabup Pool


Bettys Beach


Bush Bay

Cambray Siding

Baladjie Rock

Camel Soak

Canebrake Pool

Cape LeGrand


Caron Dam

Chapman Pool


Cliff Head north and Central

Cliff Head South



Conto Campsite

Coronation Beach

Cosy Corner East

Draftys Camp

Eaglestone Rock - Lake Brown

Two Peoples Bay

Eulin Crossing


Gnaala Mia


Greens Island



Hoffmans Mill

Honeymoon Pool


Jayes Bridge

Knobby Head


Ironstone Gully Falls

Lake Indoon

Lane Poole

Milligans Island


Moingup Springs

Moorine Rock


Mount Robinson Re-Edited




Coronation Beach

Olive Hill Farm

Sandy Cape

Seven Mile Beach

Sids Camp

Shelley Beach

Starvation Boat Harbour


Top 10 Favourite Campsites

Top 10 FREE Campsites

Top 10 National Park Campsites

South West Campsites

Western Flora

Wrights Bridge

Yanchep National Park


Fitzgerald River

Parry Beach

Quagi Beach

Logue Brook Dam

Masons Bay

Stokes Inlet

Petrudor Rocks

Back to Canna

The Trip Continues

Wellington Dam part 1

Wellington Dam part 2

Munday Campground

The Upper Murray

Bolinda Vale Campsites

Lake Edawa



Elachbutting Rock

Greenbushes Pool

Thompson Brook Wines

Bonnie Rock

Gorge Rock

Wubin Rocks

Oak Park Campsite

Jarrahdale RV Rest Area


Bolinda Vale

Bolinda Vale

Wellington Dam

Drakesbrook Weir

Woodanilling Pool

Waddouring Dam

Barrabup Pool

Viveash Reserve

Alexandra Bridge

Bodallin Dam

Lake Koorkoordine

Freshwater Point

Baandee Lake

Glen Mervyn Dam

Toapin Weir

Karalee Rock

Boondi Rock

Niagara dam


Memories of Herron Point


Weira Reserve

Talgomine Reserve

Datjoin Rocks

Stockton Lake

Eulin Crossing

Baladjie Rock

Queerearrup Lake

Eaglestone Rock

Free wheatbelt campsites


Duggan Dam

Lake Camm




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