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Usually overseas tourists coming to Australia purely for recreation have no problems getting a visa to enter the country.

Most people simply obtain an electronic visa through their travel agent at the time they purchase their flight tickets.

Tourist visas are valid for 12 months and allow stays of 3 months at a time in Australia. Sometimes people want to extend their stay and this is possible but has to be done via the Department of Immigration.

To read more on tourist visas and extension of stay visit : Short-term visas


If you come to Australia you MUST declare any plant or animal material that you bring with you. This means things like wood, flowers, seeds, food, drinks etc. If it was once alive DECLARE IT. This includes all plant and animal items either dead or alive. Australia has strict quarantine rules to protect our flora and fauna from introduced diseases and pest species.

If you are unsure about an item, DECLARE IT. You may be fined for not declaring items that should be declared to customs.




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