Elachbutting Rock


GPS 30 35 37 S 118 36 32 E




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Elachbutting Rock (pronounced Elak-Butting) is located on the north eastern fringe of the wheat belt about 65 kiometres north east of Mukinbudin.

The name is thought to mean 'big thing standing', which considering the size of the rock is probably not all that surprising.

The rock is accessed via good unsealed roads and there is a large campground that has a toilet, shelter, seats and table. The track leading in to the rock and the campsite might look a little narrow but it is one way only so you won't be faced with squeezing past traffic coming in the opposite direction.

The campsite is suituable for all types of vehicle as there is a lot of space. There are currently no fees charged for staying at the rock.

Like most of the rock formations in the wheat belt, Elachbutting is best visited during wildflower season and it is known for lage numbers of donkey orchids and everlasting daisies.

Another large rock formation (Beringbooding Rock) is onaly a short drive to the west.

Sites to see around the rock include Pioneer Wells, Gnama holes, Monty's Pass, Echo Cave, Wave formation and the look out.

The wave formation isn't quite as large or spectacular as the one at Wave Rock near Hyden, but this one is free to visit and usually much more quiet as it is well off the usual tourist routes.

There is a 6 kilometre walk trail that you can follow around the rock.

Just 20 kilometres west of Elachbutting is Bonnie Rock where you will find, well not a rock, but excellent toilets and even a shower provided by the local shire. Word is that there is a WIFI hot spot there too.




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