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Boorabbin - Western Australia


GPS 31 12 55 S 120 31 49 E





Pets prohibited Sight seeing area Walk trails Site may flood or be inaccessible during rain 4 wheel drive access only




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Goldfeilds Woodland park size: 152,500 Ha. Boorabbin 34,000 Ha.


The Great Eastern Highway passes through the centre of the park that is located 67 kilometres west of Coolgardie.


Wattles, banksia, bottlebrush, hakeas, melaleucas, sheoaks, sandalwood, salmon gum, gimlet, ribbon-barked gum, mallees, red morrel, redwood and woodline mallee and grasstrees are all found within the park boundaries.


The fauna of the area includes 17 native mammal species, 4 frogs species, 52 reptile species and over 100 bird species.


Boondi Rock campsite lies east of the park and Karalee Rocks campsite lies to the west.


The old Holland Track, which once stretched from Broomehill to Coolgardie, crosses the park. Sections of the track are popular with 4 wheel drive enthusiasts.


Two major historic attractions of the area are the goldfields pipeline and the old wood lines that were once used to transport cut wood to the mines.


Boorabbin is part of the larger Goldfields Woodland park that is split into different sections which can be accessed by the Great Eastern Highway and Victoria Rock Road.


The name is Aboriginal in origin and was given to a rock on the edge of the park. At one time there was also a settlement in this area (established 1898) but nothing now remains.


In 2007 a tragedy occured on the highway when traffic was allowed to pass through the area where a bushfire was burning. The truck drivers, Lewis Bedford, Robert Taylor and Trevor Murley were unable to turn their vehicles to escape the fire and died after being trapped in their vehicles.


"The deaths happened after the DEC opened a roadblock in Coolgardie despite warnings that a wind change could fan the fire into their path."


John Savage, a truck driver who escaped the inferno with burns and a broken finger, had managed to un-hook his prime mover, using a 30 can pack of Coke to soak himself as he disconnected the vehicle.


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