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Op-Shops or Opportunity shops, are wide spread in Australia and are usually run by charities to make low cost good quality items available to everyone.

They sell mostly second-hand donated items but sometimes also have new stock on hand.

Most Op-Shops charge very little for the items they sell and put any profits into community programs to help the poor and needy. There are a few (notably Salvos Stores, that are now getting greedy and are charging high prices for donated goods). (1)

Large towns and cities have many Op-Shops to choose from but even small towns may have their own Op-Shop.

These shops are not only useful to people who live in Australia but they are very handy for travellers from overseas and local travellers who are on a budget.

Because most Op-Shops sell clothes, it is easy for back-packers to fly in and equip themselves with travelling clothes for just a few dollars.

These shops are run by organisations such as Saint Vincent De Paul, Red Cross, Uniting Church, Good Samaritans and by clubs like Rotary and Lions.

Some people are a little sensitive about buying second had items, especially clothes but from our experience, you can get top quality items at a rock bottom price and anyway, who would know the clothes are second hand unless you tell them ??

(1) - Please note that Salvos Stores and Salvation Army Op-Shops are not the same and the Salvation Army Op-Shops are still offering very good value.






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