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Peel Zoo is located near Pinjarra on Sanctuary Drive which is off the Pinjarra Road.


The collection of animals is rather eclectic as it ranges from domesticated to native and even feral animals like foxes.


Kids will love the 'hands on' areas of the zoo where they can feed and pet kangaroos, emus, goats, sheep, deer and many others.


Bird fanciers will enjoy the walk through aviary with an interesting range of parrots. In other enclosures there are birds of prey, finches, parakeets, quail and a lot of other species.


The park is well shaded by good tree cover and this in turn attracts a range of local bird species so visitors are advised to look up as well as in to the enclosures.


Picnic facilities are available in the park and some food and refreshments can be purchased. It is also possible to buy some food for the animals.


Although the park is fairly small compared to Caversham Wildlife Park, there is still an interesting range of exhibits including favourites like koala, dingo, Tasmanian devils and even some quolls.


Some of the nocturnal species are a bit hard to see as many sleep during the day. Even so there are enough exhibits to make visiting well worth while.


The park is privately funded and has breeding programs in place to help ensure that there will be animals available to return to the wild if the native populations are badly depleted. This is especially important for the Tasmanian devils due to a devastating mouth cancer that is decimating the animals in the wild.


If you want to get 'up close and personal' with some of the animals you can do so (for an extra fee) with the dingo, squirel glider and koala. This is an ideal photo opportunity for the kids and even for overseas visitors.


The zoo runs special education programmes for schools, has birthday packages available and also runs a 'Zookeeper for a Day' programme. For details on all of this plus pricing and maps of the zoo visit their website from the link below.


When visiting the zoo you should allow for a minimum of two hours to get round and see everything properly. Allow more time if you want to include a picnic or BBQ as part of your visit.



Peel Zoo - dont worry the chickens are fake...'


Peel Zoo - Dingo


Peel Zoo - Quoll








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