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Toapin Weir

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Toapin Weir is located about 12 kilometres north of the town of Quairading in the West Australian wheat belt.

In 1912 the site was selected by Jonah Parker for the construction of a water catchment for the town of Dangin to the south west.

The rock already had a convenient basin shape and all that was needed was to close off one end and then 18 million litres of rainwater could be collected.

When the concrete wall was first constructed it was 18 feet high, 200 feet long and 12.5 feet thick at the base. It was constructed at a cost of 5,000 pounds.

Although constructed as a source of town water, it was also used for the railway and for farm irrigation.

In 1935 the dam wall was thickened and raised 6 feet as more water was needed to help supply the town of Quarading. This increased the capacity of the dam to 22.7 million litres.

In 1940 a roof was constructed over the weir to help reduce evaporation but there is no evidence remaining to show where the root once was.

A secondary reservoir was created holding 675,000 litres of water and pumping stations were used to get the water to town.

Later still two wells were connected to the dam and water pumped in using windmills. This increased the supply to the dam at Toapin.

The weir is the largest privately constructed water storage scheme in Western Australia.

Today Toapin Weir is a recreational site with picnic facilities, an electric BBQ and space for motorhomes and caravans to park overnight. There is also a toilet available.

A circular walk trail leads around the rock and weir and the best time to visit is during wildflower season. There are a number of sign boards showing you information about some of the flower species found near the dam.

There are some rather persistent mosquitoes here so remember to pack some insect repellent when you visit.

Dogs are currently allowed at the site BUT the poorly controlled ones that seem to have been a feature here at times could see all dogs being banned if this bad behaviour is allowed to continue. As usual it is a case of a few thoughtless irresponsible people ruining this for everyone else.

If you are into geocaching then you can look for a container hidden somewhere in this area.




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