Ghost towns - Western Australia






4.8 km north Lawlers.
Close to Agnew.

Called this after Nunngarra was erected. Probably not what it was originally called.
Located between the Mount Magnet and Lawlers.
Gold mining town.
Gold found initially by George Woodley around 1889.
Ernest E. Shillingham, George Ralph, Thomas Wright, John McIntyre and A. Frenchy Angelo found gold in 1894 and for some reason were credited with the find here.
More gold was discovered in 1903 triggering a gold rush.

ONSLOW - old town
21 38' S 114 50' E
Near the mouth of the Ashburton River.
A port associated with pearling.
Settlement dates from 1866-7 but didn't really get established properly until the 1870s.
The old town dates from 1885.
Sir Alexander Campbell Onslow K.B. was the source of the name.
It was never a good deep-water port and a new location was selected in 1922.
Old Onslow
Old Onslow
(C) Max Jefferies

Original name of WILROY.





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