Why have these buildings been left to rot?


Buildings like this belong to US! They should NEVER be sold off.





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(See the update below)


Why is it that buildings of historical and architectural significance are just left to rot by the State Government of Western Australia?


Buildings like the old Claremont Mental Asylum, that has been abandoned for over 20 years were sold off to developers that had no intention of keeping the site's heritage values intact.


The State Government has no regard for our history when it flogs off buildings like this to the highest bidder. Anyone who is going to take responsibility for our historically significant buildings MUST have a plan in place to develop these sites with great sensitivity.


The old Mental Hospital sits on prime real estate with views across to Perth city. Most of the buildings have been demolished and only the central core of the complex remains.


Anyone who takes responsibility for buildings such as these MUST be made to put their inestimable historic value before profits. The previous plans for the development of this site were nothing short of obscene!


The previous developer wanted to put 5 storey residential blocks in the middle of this site, had plans to absorb what is currently public space into private property and had NO SENSIBLE PLANS AT ALL for the large hall that dominates the rear of the complex.


The development proposal was thrown out by both the Nedlands Council and by the SAT but the State Government still seemed to be pushing the plan through.


It is time we started putting our heritage BEFORE profits. If a developer cannot come up with a plan that satisfies nearby residents and the community at large than the State Government needs to buy back the property and develop it for the public good. (That is what SHOULD have been done in the first place!)


Buildings like the Claremont Mental Hospital were originally built with public money, they were maintained with public money but then are sold off to private enterprises for a pittance with no plan of how they will be kept in their original condition or how they can be used effectively.


How can it be that these buildings have been left like this for over 20 years? How is it that other buildings of equal or greater significance also share this fate?


To a read detailed review of what was going on with this site please visit - mountclaremont.org/ 


Something has to change in the way we view and deal with buildings like these. They cannot fall into the hands of developers whose only motive is financial gain. Our history should not be for sale to the highest bidder!


Please help us by raising your objections with the government and telling them that our heritage buildings are too important to be disposed of in this manner.


The Claremont Mental Hospital is just one of many important buildings that are sitting and decaying. The longer people sit idle and do nothing about this the more we all stand to loose.


UPDATE : May 2013


We have been informed by the State Heritage Office that there is finally some movement with regard to this site being developed in a way more suited to the preservation of the buildings.


The new owner is the Aegis Aged Care Group and they are planning to develop the site as an aged care home. Plans include the hall at the rear of the facility being made available to the community.


While we applaud the news that the buildings will now be re-developed with sensitivity, it has taken far too long to reach this stage. Any heritage buildings put up for sale to private companies or individuals should be sold only on condition that re-development is done quickly and with the historic values of the site in mind.


Our thanks to the State Heritage Office for this update.


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