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Oakabella was established around 1850 by James Drummond (son of the botanist James Drummond Snr.) and changed hands three times before being purchased by the Jackson family in 1910. The property has remained in the Jackson family with Alan Jackson being the current owner.

The homestead and adjoining buildings have been restored and are classified by the National Trust.

The turn off to Oakabella is on the west side of the highway 32 kilometres north of Geraldton (or 18.5 kilometres south of Northampton.) A short drive along a good gravel road brings you to the homestead that also includes a campsite and tea-room.

The property is open all year except for February and tours of the buildings are conducted by Loretta who has a great depth of knowledge and affection for the property. The buildings contain many historic artefacts and interesting displays of farming implements.

The homestead is said to be the most haunted place in W.A.

Loretta, part Irish, part American Indian, says she has had dreams about Oakabella since she was a child. Loretta described the first time she saw the property in That's Life magazine as follows:

"Suddenly, staring into the distance, I caught a glimpse of an old white house at the bottom of a hill. I gasped as I realised it was the house I had been dreaming of for 40 years! I was too stunned to speak. I can't believe I'm here, I thought."

It will probably come as a surprise to those who have been to Oakabella, to learn that Loretta has now moved on after many years of dedication to the place. The new managers welcome visitors new and old to Oakabella and we hope to catch up with them on our next journey through that part of W.A.

A number of tragic deaths on the property including a member of Alan's own family who was killed while cleaning his gun, have led many people to believe that the property is haunted.

If you look around the internet for information on Oakabella you will find that most information focuses on the spirits that are said to dwell here. This is a bit sad because Oakabella happens to be situated in a very picturesque area and the rolling hills that stretch off to the horizon are an excellent backdrop to this lovely old homestead.

If you have a tent, motorhome or caravan you can camp on the property and it is a nice quiet alternative to the nearby campsite at Coronation Beach.


Ph. (08) 9925 1033
Email. oakabella@westnet.com.au

Open 9am - 4pm daily
(Closed in February).






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