Hands off Cleaverville









The new 28 Day camping limit may hurt local business and deprives older Australians of a traditional pastime.


The recent changes to the Caravan parks and Camping Grounds Legislation in Western Australia will almost certainly hurt local businesses in the state's north west where the mining boom has recently come to an end.


Until January 1st 2015, campsites such as Cleaverville and 40 Mile near Karratha were available for campers for up to 90 days.


These sites have traditionally been used by grey nomads who head north to avoid the cold and wet of the southern winter.


The sites are large enough to accommodate anyone who wants to visit and they have been in use for 30 years or more.


In 1998 the local shire attempted to close these campsites and it was only the efforts of the grey nomads, who had visited year after year, that kept the sites open and available for everyone.


The new 28 day limit makes the long drive north unfeasible for many older travellers who just want somewhere to camp and not have to move from place to place. This will certainly impact on the local economy as the older travellers will just stop heading to the north coast. Their main motivation for making this long yearly pilgrimage has been effectively destroyed.


Having to stay in the cold wet winter weather will also have negative effects on the health of some of the older people who could previously get away to a more mild climate.


We are asking the State Government to exempt these long-term campsites from this legislation and keep them available for those who have relied on them for so long.






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