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GPS 26 24 20 S 114 19 50 E

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At the southern end of Shark Bay, Hamelin Pool is famous for the Stromatolites growing in the shallow coastal waters. They are considered to be a link with some of the earliest forms of life on Earth that existed some 600 million years ago.

The rock like structures are constructed by blue-green algae and they survive here because of the very restricted tidal flow. This creates hyper-saline water and results in an environment where creatures that usually feed on blue-green algae cannot survive.

A telegraph repeater station was established here in 1884.

The nearby Nilemah Station was named when the first wool clip was ready to be sent off and no stencil was available to mark the station name on the bales of wool. One was borrowed from Hamelin station and reversed - Nilemah being Hamelin in reverse.

Today there is a caravan park available and the road in to Hamelin Pool is now sealed. A 1.5 kilometre walk trail takes you through a shell brick quarry to a boardwalk where you can view the stromatolites without disturbing them.


NPW Website for more information

Hamelin Pool Caravan Park 08 9942 5905

Hamelin Station Stay 08 9948 5145



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