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South West

Bridges Walk - Harvey | Harris Dam - Collie | Jabitj Trail - Collie | Greenbushes | Fallers Brand Trail - Bridgetown | Belvidere Estuary - Australind | Bunker Bay - Dunsborough | Cape Naturaliste - Dunsborough | Canal Rocks trail - Yalingup | Meekadarabee Falls - Ellenbrook | Brook and Bridge Walk - Margaret River | Hamelin Bay to Cosy Corner | Water wheel to Skippy Rock - Cape Leeuwin | Greater Bunbury


Bridges Walk Hoffman's Mill - Harvey


Distance: 3km loop
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: BBQ, Seats and tables, Toilet, Campsite.


Access via Logue Brook Dam and then 11km of unsealed road to the Hoffman's Mill campsite.


The trail begins at the info shelter and continues across a small bridge over the Harvey River. Blue markers guide you along the trail.


After the river you turn north and continues to a second small bridge. Follow the trail north east to a large jarrah tree where it veers south again before returning to the campsite.


Hoffman's Mill campsite


Harris Dam - Collie


Distance: 8km return
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: BBQ, Seats and tables, Toilet, Shelter.


Harris Dam is about 20km north of Collie via Tallanalla Road. Park at the carpark.


The trail leads north over a small bridge and crosses Norm Road. It then veers north east to the Harris Dam campsite that is part of the Bibbulmun Track.


Follow the trail north east to the restored section of Louis and Read tramway. Return from here via the route you just came on.


Jabitj Trail - Collie


Distance: 8.2km one way
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: Toilet, Campsite.


The walk follows the route of the Collie River from Wellington Dam to Honeymoon Pool.


After about 6km a steep trail leads up to a lookout. This is just a side trip so keep straight on if you want to get to Honeymoon Pool.


Honeymoon Pool campsite




Distance: 15km return
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: Toilet, BBQ and town.


Located in the town of Greenbushes and starting at the cultural centre, the trail takes you north east along Blackwood Road, crosses Telluride St. and then heads north to the water supply overflow. Follow along the left side and turn east crossing a small bridge.


Continue north to where the Bubbulmun Track intersects from the east then cross a small creek. Keep north and then bear west before turning south just after a lookout. Follow the track south then west to a point where the Bibbulmun track leaves to the north west. Keep south west and cross Mount Jones Dam wall. Follow along the south side of the dam and then turn south following the stream to Sweke's Dam. Cross the dam wall and follow the track south to a natural swimming pool. Cross a road and follow the track south Maranup Ford Road where you turn east and return top your starting point.




Fallers Brand Trail - Bridgetown


Distance: 3.2km loop
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: Toilet, tables.


The trail is located at Jarrah Park and leads north from the carpark.


Follow the trail north to a sign that indicates a detour to a hollow karri tree. You can chose to do this extra section that re-joins the main trail, or keep straight on to a bridge.


Cross the bridge and follow the creek south. The trail eventually leads away from the creek in a wide arc before returning and continuing east to a shield tree.


Follow the trail east across the creek to a T junction and turn south to return to the carpark.


Belvidere Estuary - Australind


Distance: 4km loop
Difficulty: Easy.
Facilities: Toilet, BBQ, Tables, Campsite.


Located at Leschenault Peninsular Conservation Park.


The trail starts at the carpark and goes east to the estuary and a lookout.


Follow the trail south along the water's edge. The trail leads south west away from the water to a T junction. Turn right.


Follow the track north to the park entry road where you can turn right and return to the carpark.




Bunker Bay - Dunsborough


Distance: 2.5km loop
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: Toilet, Tables.


Park at the Bunker Bay carpark and follow the trail along Shelly Cove to a lookout.


From here turn north and at a T junction take the trail leading east. Follow along the coast to a second lookout and then head inland to where this trail intersects with the Lighthouse Walk.


Turn left and follow to another intersection where you turn south towards the car park. The other trail leads to another carpark and can be used as al alternate route if the carpark at Bunker Bay is full.


Bunker Bay


Cape Naturaliste - Dunsborough


Distance: 3.2 km loop
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: None.


The trail starts at the car park at the western end of West Coast Road.


Walk north from the carpark to a T junction. You can go either right or left as this is the loop section of the trail.


There are two lookouts along the track.


Canal Rocks trail


Distance: 4 km return
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: Toilets.


Running from the upper Canal Rocks carpark south to Wyadup, this is part of the Cape to Cape track.


Park at the first carpark (not the main one by the rocks) and cross the road to the start of this section of the track.


The first 200 metres to a lookout are not difficult but after that the track gets rough and steep. You cross a small creek before arriving at the Wyadup carpark.


Canal Rocks


Meekadarabee Falls - Ellensbrook


Distance: 2 km
Difficulty: Easy.
Facilities: Toilets.


Park at the Ellensbrook carpark and make your way through to the old homestead.


Follow the trail into the paperbark trees to an intersection in the track. You can follow either one as this section of the track is a loop.


There is a viewing platform near the small falls and several small creek crossings.




Brook and Bridge Walk - Margaret River


Distance: 4 km loop
Difficulty: Easy.
Facilities: Toilets.


Located off Carters Rd. 2km from Margaret River.


Follow the walk trail from the carpark to a T junction in the trail. You can go in either direction as the trail is a loop.


There is a short detour to an old chimney along the trail that marks the place an old sawmill used to stand.


Hamelin Bay to Cosy Corner


Distance: 6.5 km one way
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: Toilets.


This is also part of the Cape to Cape track and takes in a particularly scenic part of the coast.


Take the track south across the headland where there is a lookout. Continue south following the beach and keep a look out for markers pointing to steps leading off the beach just before a limestone outcrop.


Follow a 4x4 track for a bout 500 metres inland and find the walk trail leading south towards Foul Bay lighthouse. The oddly named Foul Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in this area.


From the lighthouse follow the trail south to Cosy Corner Road and turn right to the carpark.


Foul Bay


Water wheel to Skippy Rock - Cape Leeuwin


Distance: 3 km one way
Difficulty: Moderate.
Facilities: None.


Yet another section of the Cape to Cape track this is the final part of the walk when heading south.


It is possible to do this walk in shorter sections as there are carparks located at Cape Leeuwin, Quarry Bay and Skippy Rock.


The northern end of Quarry Bay is interesting as fresh water seeps out of the cliffs here and has created some interesting rock formations.


Looking back at Cape Leeuwin from Skippy Rock


Walks in Greater Bunbury


Big Swamp Walk


Distance: 2km
Difficulty: Easy

Located off Prince Phillip Drv. Facilities include toilets and seats. Dogs allowed on a lead.

The walks leads you are the Big Swamp wetland not far south of the city centre.

It is a favourite place for bird watchers as there are over 60 species of bird found there. These include the Australasian grebe, white-faced heron, dusky moorhen and purple swamphen.

There are a number of lookouts and a board walk section.


Manea Park


Distance: 2.2km
Difficulty: Easy

Located off Somerville Drv. Facilities include seats.

This park is noted for the diversity of flora and fauna including three species of black cockatoos.

During spring there are also many wildflowers to be found.


Tuart Walk


Distance: 1.2km
Difficulty: Easy

Located from the corner of Mosedale Ave. and Ocean Drv. south to Maidment Pde.

As the name suggests, this walk is through the Tuart forest. Facilities include Shelter and seats and the walk is suitable for wheel chairs as the path surface is bitumised.

At the right time of year you will find orchids and different banksia in flower.


The Maidens Walk


Distance: 1.8km
Difficulty: Moderate

Located off Ocean Drv. south of Hastie St. Facilities include Toilets, Benches and Barbecues. Dogs on leads allowed.

Limestone-based walk trails lead you through Maidens Reserve.

High sand dunes give an impressive view of the city from several lookouts.

The area contains many native orchids and is noted for the diverse range of species inhabiting it.


Mangrove Walk and Koombana Bay


Distance: 5km
Difficulty: Easy

Located off Koombana Drv. Facilities include Shelter, Seating, Toilets, Car Park, Picnic Area and Playground.

The walk incorporates Leschenalut Inlet in East Bunbury. This area contains white mangrove trees and is the southern most stand of mangroves in the state. The next mangroves you will find are 800km north in the Shark Bay area.

The wetland is known for the number of water birds that can be found there.


Eaton Foreshore Walk


Distance: 5km
Difficulty: Easy

Located off Pratt Rd. Dogs allowed.

This walk follows the bank of the Collie River and there are dog exercise areas where dogs can be let off the lead.

You will find paperbarks, peppermint trees and sheoaks as well as bird such as pelicans, kingfishers and musk ducks.

If you are lucky you may even spot dolphins in the river.

The walk takes in Eaton Foreshore Park and the Watson Street Reserve. facilities include gazebo shelters, tables and toilets.

You will also find a number of lookouts along the walk.


John Boyle O'Reilly Wetland Trail


Distance: 1km
Difficulty: Easy

Located off Buffalo Rd.

Facilities include Information Shelter, Tables, Toilets and the walk is suitable for wheelchairs.

The information shelter includes details on the escape of Irish convict John Boyle O'Reilly who hid on the peninsular before boarding the American ship Gazelle in 1869.


Belvidere Interpretive Walk


Distance: 1.5km loop
Difficulty: Easy

Located by the Belvidere campsite off Buffalo Rd.

Facilities include Information Shelter, Tables, Barbecues, Campground.

This is a great spot for a picnic by the shore of the Leschenault Estuary.

For those who have the time, there is a national Park campsite.


Harris Track


Distance: 9km one way
Difficulty: Moderate

Located south of Belvidere campsite off Buffalo Rd.

Facilities include Tables and Toilets Available at The Cut.

A rather long walk offering great views over the Indian Ocean and the estuary.


Crooked Brook Forest


Located 25km east of Bunbury in the Ferguson Valley.

Off Crooked Brook and Forest roads.

There are 4 walk trails in the forest. Forest Path, 600m, Wildflower Walk 3km loop, Marri Walk, 10km circuit and Jarrah Walk 1.5km loop.

Facilities in the area include Disabled Toilets, Gas Barbecues, Tables and Information.


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