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The information we provide on walk trails is not detailed. This page is only to let you know about where the walks are and how to find them. We strongly recommend that you locate more detailed instructions (especially for the bush walks) before attempting them. Remember to practice common sense and follow some basic rules when walking.

1. Let someone know where you are going and when you are expected back.
2. Stay on marked trails.
3. Take enough water and food.
4. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
5. Take a compass.
6. On longer walks take a small first aid kit.
7. Leave no trace. Bring out what you take in.
8. Avoid walking in extremes of weather.


Darling Range

Whistlepipe Gully | Bells Rapids | Bickley Brook | Channel 10 Tower Track | The Kep Track | Lesmurdie Falls | Mount Dale | Railway Reserves Heritage Trail | Lesley Nature Trail | Little Oven Track | Portagabra Track | Sixty Foot Falls | Valley to Valley Walk | Winjan Track | Araluen Botanic Garden | John Forest National Park | Eagle View Walk | Lake Leschenaultia | Blackboy Ridge | Walyunga National Park | Byford Hills Walk Trail | Serpentine - Jarrahdale | Marrinup Falls | King Jarrah | Noble Falls | Wandoo Heights | Chuditch Walk Trail | Island Pool | Inglehope Arboretum | Mundaring Weir Rail trail | Golden Pipeline Trail | Paten's Brook Track | Rocky Pool | Abyssinia Rock | Bridges Walk | Bungendore Reserve | Langford Park


Whistlepipe Gully


Distance: 3km return
Difficulty: Moderate.


Access from the northern end of Lewis Road in Forrestfield. Starting in Lewis Road will take you uphill first so the return journey will be easier.


The track winds up past a stream that seems to flow almost all year long. Wildflowers are abundant here in spring. Beware of leeches in the small pools. Part way up the trail near the waterfall are the ruins of some sort of building.


The building was apparently a house designed and lived in by architect Wallace Greenham. It was a Japanese influenced design and was completed in the early 1960s. The house was built so that it straddled the stream and electricity was generated from the water flow using a Pelton wheel.


Whistlepipe Gully


Bells Rapids


Distance: 9km
Difficulty: Easy


Access from Great Northern Highway and Cathedral Avenue.


This is a popular spot for viewing the Avon Descent.


Bells Rapids


Bickley Brook


Distance: 7.5km one way
Difficulty: Moderate


Facilities: BBQ, Picnic area, Public toilets.


Access from Kelvin Road, White Street and Hardinge Road.


A pleasant walk along (and usually high above) Bickley Brook. There is an excellent picnic area at the start of the walk where you can enjoy lunch when the walk is over. It is also possible to walk from the opposite end but if you don't want to retrace your steps you have to arrange to be collected.


This is also known as the Mason and Bird Heritage Trail.


Bickley Brook


Channel 10 Tower Track


Distance: 5km loops
Difficulty: Easy


Facilities: None


Park on the verge along Pomeroy Road.


A pleasant fairly shaded walk that passes partialy through Korung National Park. Follow the pink trail markers.


This is also known as the Mason and Bird Heritage Trail.


The Kep Track


Distance: 75km
Difficulty: Easy


Facilities: BBQ, Shops, Picnic Areas, Public Toilets.


The Kep Track can be used by walkers, horse riders or cyclists. It is a long trail and stretches between Mundaring and Northam. The track follows the Golden Pipeline Drive Trail, which allows access in many locations.


The trail starts at Mundaring Weir and end at Northam. Locations along the trail are: Mundaring, Sawyers Valley, Mount Helena, Wundowie, Bakers Hill and Clackline.


Lesmurdie Falls


Distance: 2km return
Difficulty: Moderate


Facilities: BBQ, Car Park, Lookouts, Picnic Area, Public Toilet, Sheltered Area, Water Access.


Access from Lesmurdie Falls National Park.


The trail starts at the top of the falls. The first feature of interest is a lookout and from here you can follow the trail down to the base of the falls. If you are only going as far as the lookout then the walk is easy.


Winter or spring are the best times to do this walk.


Lesmurdie Falls


Mount Dale


Distance: 2.5km
Difficulty: Moderate


Facilities: Wildlife hide, Lookouts, Picnic Area, Public Toilet
Fees apply for national park entry. Access from Dale Road.


This trail leads to the peak of Mount Dale where there are panoramic views of the Darling Scarp.


It leads through jarrah forest and there is a recreation area for picnicking. This track passes close to the Bubbulmun trail and it is an ideal drop off point.


Railway Reserves Heritage Trail


Distance: 59km
Difficulty: Easy


Facilities: BBQ, Cafe, Picnic Area, Public Toilet, Shop, Water Access Points


This is a long trail that follows part of the old Fremantle to York railway. There is a 41 km loop that starts and ends at Bellevue.


Railway Reserves - Chidlow


Lesley Nature Trail


Distance: 1.5km loop
Difficulty: Easy


Located off Brookton Highway. The walk crosses Poison Gully Creek.


Little Oven Track


Distance: 13km loop
Difficulty: Moderate


Access to Mt. Gungin is from Mundaring Weir Road and Gungin Road. The trail passes through The Dell and Farrell Grove recreational sites where you will find BBQs, picnic tables and toilets.


Portagabra Track


Distance: 3.8km loop
Difficulty: Difficult


Facilities: BBQ, Toilets


The starting point is at Fred Jacoby Park off Mundaring Weir Road.


Fred Jacoby Park


Sixty Foot Falls Walk


Distance: 2km loop
Difficulty: Hard (upper section)Fit walkers only. Rocky uneven track lots of steps and steep incline.


Facilities: Toilets, BBQ, Shelter, seats, tables. Two picnic areas. The one further down the hill has toilets and BBQs.


Ellis Brook Valley Reserve. Access from Rushton Road. Leave Tonkin Highway at Gosnells North Road.


Sixty Foot Falls


Valley to Valley Walk


Distance: 8km
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult


Facilities: BBQ, tables and toilets at Bickley.


The walk goes from Ellis Brook to Bickley Dam. You need to arrange drop-off and pick-up transport.


Winjan Track


Distance: 9km
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult


Facilities: BBQ, toilets and tables at Farrell Grove.


You can start at Farrell Grove off Mundaring Road or from Gungin Gully from Asher Road. If you intend to do a return walk then it is best to park at Farrell Grove.


Araluen Botanic Garden Walks


Araluen is best visited in spring when the flowers are in bloom but is a pleasant place at any time of year. t is possible for those with mobility problems to hire an electric scooter that will allow access to most paths.


Facilities: BBQ, Picnic Area, Public Toilet


Contour Board Walk


Distance: 800m
Difficulty: Easy


A wheelchair accessible walkway that crosses Westrek Bridge and continues to Chalet Healy.


Three Bridges Walk


Distance: 1km
Difficulty: Easy


A wheelchair accessible walkway that follows Stinton Creek crosses three bridges.


Heritage Walk


Distance: 600m
Difficulty: Easy


An easy walk that leads you past Totterdell Cottage that was constructed in 1931.


Bush Walk


Distance: 3km
Difficulty: Hard


This trail is more difficult as it passes through undeveloped areas of the park and up some quite steep hills.




John Forest National Park


Glen Brook trail.


Distance: 2.2km loop
Difficulty: Easy


Facilities: BBQ, Tables, Kiosk, Water, Toilets.


Heritage trail


Distance: 10.2km return
Difficulty: Moderate


It is possible to do this walk one-way if you arrange transport pick-up and drop-off. The trail passes Swan View Tunnel where if you have a torch, you can walk through.


Swan View Tunnel walk


Eagle View Walk


Distance: 15km return
Difficulty: Moderate


Entry fees apply
Bicycles Prohibited


Facilities: BBQ, Car Park, Kiosk, Lookouts, Picnic Areas, Public Toilet, Shaded Area


Located in John Forrest National Park, this walk has excellent views across the Swan Coastal Plain.


There are a number of different habitats with waterfalls and wildflowers (in season). There are distance markers every 2km. Hovea Falls is a good place to stop for a picnic.


Lake Leschenaultia - Chidlow


Distance: 3km loop
Difficulty: Easy


Facilities: BBQ, Tables, Kiosk, Water, Toilets.


The walk trail follows the shore of the lake.


There is also a camp ground here so you can stay overnight and enjoy the bush setting. There is a second walk here that is a bush walk covering 7km. It is rated as easy.


Lake Leschenaultia


Blackboy Ridge - Chittering


Distance: 1.5km
Difficulty: Easy


Chittering Road.


Walyunga National Park


Echidna Trail


Distance: 10.5km loop.
Difficulty: Difficult


Facilities: Toilets, BBQ, water.


Entry fees apply. Access from Great Northern Highway and Walyunga Road. The trail follows the river for a way and then heads off into the bush.


Syd's Rapids and Aboriginal Heritage Walk Trails


Distance: 6.4km return
Difficulty: Easy


National park entry fees apply


There are trails here where the Walyunga National Park connects with the Swan River.


Syd's Rapids trail is 5.2km and starts at Boongarup Pool. The walk is easy and leads to the rapids.


The Aboriginal Heritage Trail is 1.2 km follows the river bank from Walyunga Pool and Boongarup Pool.


Walyunga National Park


Byford Hills Walk Trail


Distance: 1.6km
Difficulty: Moderate


This track starts at Marcora Falls and covers steep sections.


Granite outcrops along this trail are over 400 million years old and are thought to be the oldest rocks on the surface of the Earth.


Serpentine - Jarrahdale


Kitty's Gorge Trail


Distance: 500m loop or 14km return
Difficulty: Moderate


Entry fees to the national park.


Facilities: BBQ, Car Park, Picnic Area, Public Toilet


This trail leads from Jarrahdale along the Serpentine River and Gooralong Brook.


There are steep sections with slippery surfaces. A reasonable level of fitness is required to walk this track.


Gooralong Park


Serpentine Falls - The Falls Walk Trail


Distance: 400m
Difficulty: Easy


Facilities: Car park, public toilets, BBQ, tables and shade.


National Park entry fees apply.


Starting at the Serpentine Falls car park this is an easy walk. It leads to the falls where there is a viewing platform.


This walk is exceptional in Spring when the wildflowers are abundant.


Serpentine Falls walk


Mundlimup Trail and Loop


Distance: 3.5km
Difficulty: Easy


Access is from Jarrahdale and Balmoral Roads.


The trail starts at the Mundimup Recreation Site and passes areas where logging operations once took place.


Jarrahdale Heritage Railway Walk Trail


Distance: 7km
Difficulty: Easy


This trail follows part of the 1872 timber railway line to Rockingham.


The starting point is Nettleton Road in Jarrahdale and the track leads through Jarrah and Wandoo woodlands and farmland.


Views from this track are excellent and it is popular in spring when the wildflowers are out. The track ends at Pruden Road (by the South West Highway near the Alcoa railway bridge. It is a good idea to organise transport from here back to your vehicle.


It is possible to walk a further kilometre along the highway to the Whitby Falls Coach House.


Baldwins Bluff Nature Trail


Distance: 6km
Difficulty: Easy


Facilities: Car park, Picnic area, Toilets, BBQ, Water, Information board.


This trail is in the Serpentine National Park and leads to Baldwins Bluff. This 180m high granite outcrop provides great views of the costal plain.


The track leads through redgum and wandoo woodlands.


Other trails in this area include : Wetlands Walk | Stacey's Track | Pre Federation Trail | Post Federation Trail | 1872 Railway Trails | Blue Rock Tracks


Wetlands walk is located about 6km east of Jarrahdale and is wheelchair accessible. There is a loop trail with a number of seats along the way. Open areas and shaded woods make this an interesting and easy walk for everyone.


Wetlands Walk


Marrinup Falls


Distance: 1.3km
Difficulty: Easy


Facilities: Car park, Tavern, Shops, Petrol station (all in Dwellingup), Interpretive signs on route


Access from Gray Rd. Some sections of this trail contain steps. The trail and surrounding bush was destroyed by fire in February 2007 but it has recovered well since then.


Winter and spring are the best times to walk this trail with flowing waterfalls and wildflowers.


Marrinup Falls walk


King Jarrah


Distance: 18km
Difficulty: Moderate


Facilities: Car park, Toilets, Camping


Start point: Nanga townsite


The trail starts at a car park where you will find toilets, BBQs and a picnic area.


Leads through jarrah and banksia woodlands. Leave from Nanga townsite and climb to areas where there are good views of the valley below. The trail leads along the ridge to the 250 year old King Jarrah Tree. There are a number of places where you can join the track. The track is well sign posted.


Areas of interest include The Stringers, a campsite by the Murray River where canoes can be launched. This is reached by a short detour from the main walk trail.


There are old logging railway cuttings and bridge sites and the remains of Dawn Creek railway bridge. There is a log bridge crossing at Big Brook and the trail then leads to Chrismas Creek and back to Nanga townsite.


You can start at Farrell Grove off Mundaring Road or from Gungin Gully from Asher Road. If you intend to do a return walk then it is best to park at Farrell Grove.


Nanga Townsite


Noble Falls Walk Trail


Distance: 3.5km
Difficulty: Easy


Facilities: Picnic area, BBQ, Toilets


This trail follows Wooroloo Brook but is best in spring when the wildflowers are out and the waterfall is usually at its best.


The walk starts from the picnic and parking area and is accessed from Toodyay Road.


Noble Falls


Wandoo Heights Walk Trail


Distance: 3.5km
Difficulty: Moderate


Facilities: Cottage, Toilets, Information and markers


Permission required to access this trail: 08 9379 9400 - Swan Valley Visitor Centre.


There is a choice between two circuit trails here. It is a popular walk from autumn to spring when the wildflowers that can be seen here include: Banksia, Kangaroo paw, Cat's Paw, Everlastings, Sundew and different types of Orchid.


Chuditch Walk Trail


Distance: 3.8km
Difficulty: Moderate


Follow Pinjarra-Williams Road east from Dwellingup. Turn left, continue to Nanga Road. Turn right and follow to Nanga Bridge. Keep going to Nanga Mill Townsite. Track access is from the southern end of Nanga Townsite.


The trail enters a grove of Tea-trees and goes down to a creek and across a bridge. It heads uphill through dense scrub. The trail terminates at a wooden bridge where there is a picnic area.


Island Pool Walk Trail


Distance: 1.9km
Difficulty: Moderate


Facilities: Picnic area, swimming and campsite.


A circuit trail along the Murray River and valley. Some sections are steep. Access is from the upper car park at Island Pool Day use area. The trail is marked with green hiker icons on white triangles. The walk goes through jarrah forest and granite outcrops.


Inglehope Arboretum Nature Trail


Distance: 1km
Difficulty: Easy


Access from the Dwellingup-Boddington Road, 13km east of Dwellingup.


There are over 50 plots of differing tree species which have potential for timber production. You will find some unusual species like the California Redwood.


Inglehope Arboretum Inglehope Arboretum


Mundaring Weir Rail trail


Distance: 7km one way
Difficulty: Moderate


The walk starts at Sculpture Park in Mundaring and follows Mundaring Weir Road all the way to Mundaring Weir Hotel. Unless you feel like an extra long walk you need to arrange to be picked up at the end.


Mundaring Weir


Golden Pipeline Trail


Distance: 7km return
Difficulty: Moderate


This is actually a short section of the Kep Track that leads from Mundaring Hall down to the C.Y. O'Connor memorial then across the dam wall to a picnic area on Mundaring Weir Road. The trail then continues to the base of the dam wall, across the spillway and back to the hall.


Mundaring Weir spillway


Paten's Brook Track


Distance: 9km loop
Difficulty: Moderate


This walk starts at the National Parks centre on Allen Road in Beelu National Park.


Initially the walk follows the Bibbulmun Track but later diverges on to Paten's Brook Track (look for the markers).


There is a campsite at Paten's Brook that can be booked. Fees apply and there is a closed season from November 1st to March 31st.


Rocky Pool


Distance: 4.7km return
Difficulty: Easy


This walk starts at the car park on Schipp Road (north of the junction with Hummerton Road) and heads north to Rocky Pool.


The trail follows Piesse Brook and the best time to do the walk is in spring.


Abyssinia Rock


Distance: 10.3km return
Difficulty: Moderate


The walk heads south from a car park on the south side of Brookton Highway, 20km east of Karragullen.


The trail is a section of the Bibbulmun Track. Shortly after crossing Rutherglen Road you will reach the rock where you can climb to the summit.


Bridges Walk - Hoffman's Mill


Distance: 3km return
Difficulty: Moderate


This walk starts at the Hoffman's Mill campsite (near Harvey). Access from Logue Brook Dam Road and Clarke Road. About 11km of gravel.


The trail is (was) indicated by blue markers but don't rely on these as they may not always be in place.


A sign on the west side of the campsite near a small bridge indicates the start of the walk. Follow the trail north across another bridge where it veers east to the jarrah forest. From this point the track returns south towards the campsite but it may not be well defined.


Hoffmans Mill campsite


Bungendore Reserve


Distance: 2.5km Loop
Difficulty: Moderate


Access from Albany Highway and Dryandra Loop.


The trail connects the end of Dryandra Loop and Red Gum Loop.


A pleasant bush walk in spring when the wildflowers are out. Follow the trail south for about 1km to a junction in the trail and bear right. Follow the trail for 1.5 km back to Red Gum Loop and then continue east back to the starting point.


Bungendore Park


Langford Park - Jarrahdale area


Distance: 2-4km Loops
Difficulty: Easy


Access from Jarrahdale and Nettleton Roads.


This rehabilitated mine site is a nice place for a picnic, BBQ and walk.


Facilities include toilets, BBQs, Shelters and seats, bins. A series of trails lead through the pine forest making for a different feel to this walk from the normal Australian bush.


Langford Park


Check out WalkGPS for detailed information on many walk trails




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