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29 19' S 115 34' E
20 km south east of Mingenew.
Railway siding.
The name comes from an Aboriginal word meaning 'lots of hilly country'.
The name has also been spelled Yendenooka. Thomas Whitfield settled in this area in the 1850s. The Midland Railway opened in 1895.
The siding's location was moved 4 km south in 1902.
The townsite was surveyed in 1913 but not gazetted until 1919.

See No. 11 MILL

Previously known as NEW EDJUDINA.
29 47' S 122 22' E
140kms NE of Kalgoorlie on the back road to Linden and Laverton
Gold mining town.
Gold was discovered in 1902.
The initial suggestion for the name was Yarrie. Applying spelling rules for Aboriginal names, the Lands Department changed it to Yarri, and the townsite was gazetted in January 1903. No lots were ever sold and the site was cancelled in 1904. A new site was surveyed and gazetted in 1908.
Yarri (c) Steve Mogridge
Yarri (c) Steve Mogridge

Located by Eel Creek, a tributary of the De grey River.
East south east of Port Hedland.
The station acted as a general supply store for gold prospectors in the late 1880's.

29 29' S 121 50' E
105 km east north east of Menzies.
Gold mining town.
Gold discovered in 1895.
The townsite was gazetted in November 1896.

Original name for YOUANMI.

YOUANMI - Originally named - YUANI.
28 37' S 118 50' E
90 km south west of Sandstone.
Gold mining town.
Gold was discovered in 1896 but not in sufficient quantity to attract many people. In 1908 new discoveries were made and by 1910 a request was made for a townsite be declared.
The townsite was gazetted in 1910 but the spelling at that time was Yuani. When it was realised that this spelling would lead to the name being mis-pronounced it was changed in 1910 to Youanmi. The 'mi' being pronounced as 'me'.
The names Euanni, and Coorang were also used for this town.

28 14' S 117 38' E
28 km south west of Mount Magnet.
Yoweragabbie was one of the original sidings on the Mullewa-Cue railway line in 1898.
The townsite was gazetted in 1914 but little development ever took place.

Yalgoo area.
Dates from around 1900.

Previously called the GRANITES.
29 07' S 122 02' E
70 km east north east of Kookynie.
Gold mining town.
In 1897 R. H. Wood and his nephew Julius Deimal found gold about 8 km west at the Granites. The town was gazetted as Yundamindra in 1901 but was re-gazetted in October when the boundaries had to be re-adjusted.

Originally called WOOLGAR.
29 45' S 121 03' E
7 km south of Menzies.
Gold mining town.
Gold was discovered in the mid 1890's.
In 1898 the temporary subdivision was referred to as Woolgar.
When the townsite was gazetted the name Yunagar was suggested (as there was already a Woolgar in Queensland).
When the spelling rules were applied to the name it became Yunndaga and was gazetted in March 1904.




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