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The historic town of Jarrahdale sits amid the forest on the Darling Scarp.

The area is popular with day-trippers from the suburbs on the coastal plain and there are a number of things to see and do in the area.

One of the main attractions, Goorolong Park, was closed off to easy access but there is still Langford Park north of town and pleasant picnic and BBQ areas at Serpentine Dam south east of town.

In the town itself there are a number of historic buildings including a church, timber mill manager's house and workers coittages (sadly badly vandalised).

Millbrook Wines has cellar door sales and a restaurant located in a very picturesque spot next to a lake close to town.

The local tavern is still a popular place to sit and enjoy views out over the bush on lazy Sunday afternoons.

There WAS an excellent recreation reserve about five kilometres south of the town (Gooralong Park) which had Toilets, Tables, BBQs, walk tracks and a fresh water stream flowing through it (most of the year). This was once the site of a flour mill that operated by the brook. It WAS a very popular picnic area and there are some good walk trails with one going 11 kilometres to Serpentine Falls. It was closed down without reason by DPaW 'temporarily', it has stayed this way for at least the past 9 years. Despite public protests, we doubt it will ever be re-opened.

A shorter walk to Kitty's Gorge is very pleasant but all walks are best done in the cooler months. (Kitty was apparently a cow that escaped and was found months later living happily by the Gorge that now bears her name.)

Nearby Serpentine Dam is a major source of water for Perth but few people know that beneath the water lies the old settlement of Big Brook. This was a timber town that was once home to around 1000 people.

Walk trails

Kitty's Gorge. 3 separate walk trails from 1 to 11 kilometres long. All start at Gooralong Park. Difficulty - moderate.
Stacey's Track. 3 kilometres walk through Gooralong Park, forest and the town. Difficulty - moderate.
Mundlimup Trail. Access from Balmoral Rd. Passes through an old logging area tree growing experiment. Difficulty - easy.
Wetlands Walk. Circuit trail suitable for wheelchairs. Difficulty - easy.
Heritage Railway Hike. 4 or 7 kilometre loop trails. Follows the route of the old 1872 railway. Difficulty - easy to moderate.
Prisoner Of War Camp Hike. Old camp ruins and former railway route. Difficulty - easy.
Blue Rocks Walks. 1.5 or 3 kilometre walk trail over Blue Rock and through forest recovering from mining and timber milling. Difficulty - moderate.



The town dates back to 1872 and the granting of several timber concessions. Jarrahdale Timber Company constructed a railway to move timber down to the coast at Rockingham.

The first site selected for the town was a little east of the current location. A bushfire in 1895 destroyed most of the buildings and the town was moved to where it sits today.

Originally a private town, it was finally gazetted in 1913. The town's name comes from the large stands of jarrah forest that surround it.

In 1907 there was a major strike after workers conditions and wages were adversely affected by a ruling about the timber industry. A fighting fund was established and an enormous sum (for the time) of over 7400 pounds was raised. All mills in the south west (except Karridale) closed down.

The strike started on March 15th and continued until June 17th. The workers had won a small victory in pay and conditions but the loss of income had longer term effects on the viability of some mills.

Jarrahdale has relied on the timber industry for most of its income in the past but today fruit and vegetables have been added to the local industry and bauxite mining began in the 1960s.

Alcoa opened the first bauxite mine in 1963 and the ore was sent down to the Kwinana refinery to be turned into aluminium. When No.1 mine site was closed down the area was rehabilitated and became Langford Park. It was named after the first mine manager, Jim Langford. Once there were nice grassed areas but when the lake dried up the grass died and the park is only a shadow of its former self. Toilets, seats, BBQs and tables shelters are still provided for public use.

Today about 16% of the world's demand for aluminium is produced in W.A.

Mining operations at Jarrahdale closed in 1998 and were moved to the Huntly site.

In 1997 the town was added to the National Trust's List of Classified Heritage places.




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Serpentine Dam, Goorolong Park, Langford Park.




Old post office, Mill manager's house, Church, Workers cottages.




State : Darling Range

Federal : Canning




Postcode : 6124

Local Government : Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale



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